• Examiner was as good as her word. I received my stamp today. That’s less than ten months from check cashed to stamp receipt. Retrieved my shorty barrel from a friend who was storing it, mounted the barrel and I now have a CZ Scorpion SBR to take to my next range session. BTW, I picked up a Suppressor yesterday that was approved about the same t…[Read more]

  • A good week. My Form 4 Trust (one person) was approved Nov 14th. Unexpected pre-Christmas surprise. Here’s the timeline:

    Purchased 11/17/16
    Form 3 to Dealer 12/01/16
    Form 4 Initiated 12/28/16
    Check Cashed 01/11/17
    Approved 11/21/17
    Postmarked at ATF 11/22/17
    Stamp at Dealer 11/28/17
    Picked up 11/30/17

  • Received an email from ATF, telling me they didn’t have a copy of my trust for an SBR Form 1 submitted 2/8/17 and in process 2/12/17. I know I sent it, but that’s neither here nor there. The examiner tells me that she can complete processing on receipt. I report this only for timeline purposes. “Complete processing” may mean “as soon as I get you…[Read more]

  • djunkins replied to the topic Scorpion stock options in the forum SBRs 5 years, 8 months ago

    I am quite pleased with the standard folding stock on my Scorpion carbine. The Scorpion’s sights are mounted very low to the rail, unlike those on an AR, and the CZ stock allows an easy sight line, since the stock “drops” and allows your eye to achieve the low sight line.

  • Approved 4/29
    SilencerCo Omega 7.62 and Griffin Optimus
    Stamp received 5/5

  • SilencerCo Omega 7.62
    Purchased 3/14/16 from Capitol Armory
    Form 3 Approved 6/28/16 (miscommunication with Capitol)
    Form 4 initiated 7/6/16
    Check cashed 7/11/16
    Form 4 Approved 4/29/17 (292 days pending)
    Stamp at dealer 5/5/17 (Purchase to Approval 411 days)

    Griffin Optimus
    Purchased 5/5/16
    Form 3 Approved 6/29/16
    Form 4 initiated 7/6/16
    Check…[Read more]

  • Definitely frustrating. When I first started buying suppressors in late 2014/early 2015, wait times were four months or less, and I thought THAT was excessive. This current situation is ridiculous, especially when one considers how much money they’re raking in and how little they must do to process an application. Many of us are multiple…[Read more]

  • No, mrlovelace, you’re not the only one. Just called ATF about two suppressors with a July 11 date. She told me they were still working June and it was unlikely that they would get to me by the end of this month, assuming that the early July applications are as heavy as they have been for June. I hope to be pleasantly surprised, but I plan to cool…[Read more]

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