• SHARE is a pipe dream. They can’t even get enough votes to fix healthcare, the repubs aren’t going to destroy their remaining political capital trying to get silencers off the NFA. I would love to see it pass, and I’d be delighted to eat crow if it does, but I think it’s pure fantasy.

  • But even the regression will be suspect if enough data points are wrong. And the value of this site used to be the built-in regression and prediction tools. Now it’s just a database and you’re on your own to make sense of it.

  • They don’t care about the site any more, or the data integrity. For example, I saw an entry today with Forms Sent Jan 2017, Check Cashed May 2016, Approved November 2016, Stamp Received November 2017 (ie a month into the future from today). Why does the site allow such garbage data entry? The Stamp Received should be required to be after the…[Read more]

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