• Good deal, Glad I could help. Good luck waiting, best advice I can give you is just forget it exist….

  • top of the page you should see “My Transfers” click that and towards the bottom of the page there should be a what looks like a spread sheet with a “product, NFA item, and so on and so on. on the far right there is a Plus sign that drops down in the spread sheet. You can add your products there.

  • coagula13 replied to the topic Check cashed? in the forum Silencers 3 years, 1 month ago

    If memory serves, It shows up as a separate transaction on your credit card… but it has been a while since I purchased one. If you used a silencer shop kiosk, you might be able to log into your accound and see the status. other than that your only option is to call the ATF with your dealers name and the make and model of supporessor and possibly…[Read more]

  • You missed a lot a while back… So, ATF was expediting form 4’s, i was lucky enough to fall into this one. But, not long ago they said they were going to stop doing the expediting with no good reason given, just gonna stop. the gossip is that the “Trust” people were complaining that they were not getting expedited and were not being given a fair…[Read more]

  • Just got a call from my dealer… My stamp is in… the one I turned in on June 25th… of 2019… it has been all of 3 months… Holy crap… and I just read here about people getting theirs quick and i was calling shenanigans… and 5 minutes later I get a call… damn, half tempted to buy another.

  • Sounds like form 1’s are getting back to the old time frame they were at last year.

  • One reason I dont mind using a credit card, you will know when it hits your account… Plus if you use a Anti-2A company, it makes their money come from gun industry…

  • coagula13 replied to the topic In NFA Hell in the forum Welcome 3 years, 7 months ago

    Have you had your dealer apply for a lost stamp yet?

  • Thank you. I didnt even know it went to an agent. Every time I would call I would be told it is still pending and was pretty sure they even said it hadnt been to an agent yet… oh well… it is rocking and rolling now… that is all that matters.

  • Woohoo, called atf today since I forgot to do it last Friday. Found out I had been approved on the 19th… so a year and 12 days waiting… now just hoping my dealer calls me before my trip.

  • coagula13 replied to the topic Newb from Michigan in the forum Welcome 3 years, 7 months ago

    Haha, fair enough. I’ve been trying to be patient and and calling the atf every 2 weeks… called today to be told I had re approved the 19th… 1 year and 12 days… now I just gotta wait on my second one.

  • coagula13 replied to the topic Newb from Michigan in the forum Welcome 3 years, 7 months ago

    be careful by wishing to be a outlier… I see a bunch of people getting approvals the same time I purchased mine and after… meanwhile I am still pending… Outlier goes 2 ways.

  • Ah, I had always heard once you send in the $200, it is theirs pass or fail. I did not know you got it back. That is good to know. I have already passed 12 months on mine, actually closer to 13 months now… and still have not been given to an examiner… but I call tomorrow and see if there is an update (I try and call every 2 weeks).

  • On this front, I am ignorant and must ask. If you get denied, you have to pay the 200 again to refile?

  • coagula13 replied to the topic Newb from Michigan in the forum Welcome 3 years, 8 months ago

    Might as well get started… It is only money… and if we are here, we either have too much of it or lack of common sense… I may fall into the latter. I got a CZ scorpion Micro I am working on purchasing and it has a collapsable brace, but trying to decide if I wanna put a stock on it later….

  • And do not forget, there is length requirments involved as well. Under a certain length and it is a pistol, over it is a SBR. And on a AR, the length of the buffer tube is calculated into the length of the whole thing. Where as the addition of a brace onto other pistols, like the CZ Scorpion, is not added to the length of the firearm.

    A pistol…[Read more]

  • Damn, that is messed up. I feel like SilencerCo is one of the bigger names in the business but are still small and they got in too deep with this one. I doubt they will do this again any time soon… or at least with suppressors that are being discontinued.

  • coagula13 replied to the topic Newb from Michigan in the forum Welcome 3 years, 8 months ago

    Hello Zyn,

    Welcome to the waiting club… sit back and forget it for a while, it is only gonna slow down time in your head… or do like others… buy another while waiting.

  • Not normal… but not odd… there have been a few that take forever for no reason.

    Is yours pending approval or just pending? I have been told mine is pending being given to a agent. So I am not even waiting on a background check yet, still waiting in a stack in a box somewhere.

  • When I hit 7 months I started calling weekly… now I am at a year I am calling like every other week.

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