• That’s why you buy at a local range. I have used mine 5 days after it got my my ffl from OSS. ATF cashed check in 5 working days.

  • That’s just awful. Mine was submitted end of March of 2021 and just spoke to the BATF this week and they told me my application is at a reviewers desk and should be approved in the next 30 days .

    Your wait time is absolutely unacceptable but again it has to do with your criminal background with misdemeanors and infractions.

  • I just started another NFA journey. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to use my can anytime I want at my range. So it’s in jail but not really. I am bummed that I have to wait 4 weeks for a made to order Liberty Defense suppressor wrap for my OSS Titanium suppressor.

    OSS 556 Ti
    Purchased – 03/18/21
    Cashed – 03/25/21 – 7 days
    Approved – ???
    S…[Read more]

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