• Well I finally got my cans, sbr, and stamps a few days after my last post.

    Check cashed- 10/22/2020
    Approved- 07/29/2021
    Stamp in hand- 08/14/2021

    Honey Badger:
    Check cashed- 11/13/2020
    Approved- 07/29/2021
    Stamp in hand- 08/13/2021

    Obsidian 9:
    Check cashed- 10/27/2020
    Approved- 08/06/2021
    Stamp in hand- 08/17/2021

    296 days total.

  • Austin replied to the topic Form 4 Individual in the forum Form 4 Questions 4 months ago

    The wait is killing me.

    Checks cashed and status:




    Lady told me who my examiners were and that there is no issues with my paperwork. Also mentioned that the average wait is still 7 months. I just got a new can for my Tp9 so the wait begins. With my luck the three aforementioned cans will…[Read more]

  • Austin became a registered member 4 months ago

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