• It appears the other ‘Form 4 Individual’ thread is now locked at 1,675 replies, so I’m starting a new one with this. Some good news for me (details below)… and my sympathies to those that may still be waiting.

    Type: Form 4 Individual
    Purchased: 11/5/19 (Silencer Shop; Qty.4; various calibers)
    SID kiosk visited (for fingerprints &…[Read more]

  • Not to speak for Andrew, but he is correct based on the bar graphs he is referencing (“Avg Wait Times 12 Months,” and “Avg Wait Times 3 Months”). You are also correct, but you are referring to a different graph.

    While I have you… While I agree that calling on a frequent basis serves little purpose, I disagree with your premise… as it appears…[Read more]

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