• Form 1 SBR done through Silencer Shop service. Submitted 8/2/17. Cashed 8/27/17. Stamp approved 5/23/18. In hand 6/1/18. Every single one I’ve done be it a Form 1 or Form 4 has been dead on 10 months since I started in mid 2016 filing for cans and sbrs.

  • Called today. Check cash date of 8/2/17 for a 2 person trust for SBR. Said waiting on background checks. I’ll get right on 10 months I’m betting based on all my prior stuff. Then I’m done for awhile. Sigh.

  • Geez. The Form 1 times are all over the map. Got my 2 Form 4 cans two weeks apart right at 10 months or so like clockwork. These F1’s are like a drunk wandering around in the dark. I’ve got a late July application date and a 8/2/17 cash date and I used Silencer Shops filing service. We’ll see how it goes. Any other folks use that service and…[Read more]

  • Yeah ya gotta stay on top of them. Excellent service but they sometimes fit in stuff. I had a form 3 approved and it took them 3 months to send to lgs who does allow you to play with the stuff on their rant while they’re in NFA jail. So was a little anxious. A few emails and thru got tired of me and shipped two they had for me. Used shipping costs…[Read more]

  • Oh yeah. 2 person trust.

  • Just got last stamp woo hoo. From SS AAC 5.56. Bought 3/24/17. Check cashed a few weeks after. Just got call. Had bought another can on 2/24/17 from SS and got it 2 weeks ago. There were 1000 purchases between the 2 based on the invoice numbers. Looks like it’s speeding up. All I got left is a Form 1 done in August n I’m done….for now. Cheers.

  • Correction 2/24/17….lol been awhile got the years messed up. 1 more to go and I’m done. Yay.

  • Liberty Centurion
    Bought 2/24/16 used SS kiosk. Checked cashed few weeks later. Stamp at dealer 1/11/17
    2 person trust.

  • Finally got the approval. They approved like the day after I called last time. 6/30/16 purchase in SS truckload. ATF process 7/22/16 and approved 6/24/17. Now gotta get the dealer to verify they have. Almost done. Still waiting on the post 41F ones but don’t care really as I can already play with them. Good luck to all.

  • Thanks everyone. Keep the approvals posts coming. Gives me hope. Good to see the SS truckload is being worked it appears but geez that was a big load in that picture they posted. Hopefully once they work thru it will speed up. I do know the volume is a lot less for post 41F as I bought 2 from SS a month apart in Feb and March and the invoice…[Read more]

  • GM22 and a Mystic both from SS on 6/30. BATF processed 7/22/16. Called a week ago told still in mid July. Sigh. I’ve given up. when I get them I get them. Though I’ve been luck as I bought 2 more from another shop that lets you play with them on their range till F4 is approved so is what it is. Good luck to all.

  • I bought mine from them 1st of July but I pretty much have the same exact dates as you for check cashed, form 3 approval etc.excrot my tracking number worked and I know the shop got the two I ordered. This at least gives a little idea what we’re looking at if they’re in June now as July was the tidal wave.

  • Ok I know that based on the picture of the truck bed full of submissions that SS submitted a ton to the ATF right at the deadline. Just wondering g if anyone in this group had heard anything yet as far as approvals. The form 3 cleared for me in late December and cans are at dealer and the Form 4 shows submitted in July so we have got to be getting close.

  • Boom. Just got 2nd email. Submitted 7/2/16 approved 3/23/17. 3179xx. Like 20 above my first one. So appears this examiner is working in order. Tonight is Scorpion night at the range. Gotta grab stocks outta storage from my friendly LGS and head home to fix’em up. Now if they’ll just do the cans in the Silencer Shop mass mailing all will be well. Woo hoo.

  • Control 3179xx
    Submitted 7/2/16
    Approved 3/23/17

    Just got email. Been lurking here for months. The timing mentioned multiple times was pretty much dead on for me. One more to go from same day. Slightly higher #. In Florida. Good luck to all.

  • Control 3179xx
    Submitted 7/2/16
    Approved 3/23/17

    Just got email. One more to go and it’s just 20 higher than this one as done same day. In Florida.

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