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panamajack - 06/10/2016
I have purchased 8 Suppressors from THSF plus have had some engraving done there. Highly recommended as all the others have said.
brianmat - 04/07/2016
Teri does an incredible job and engraving and both Scott and Teri are extremely accommodating. They've let me stop by on very short notice and have always been pleasant to work with. If you do stop by make sure to give Marley some belly rubs. If you want to get your hands on something before you start the long process for a suppressor then you can do that at THSF. Scott has everything on display so you're not just looking at pictures on the internet. I'm impressed with the number of items he has on display.
Cadster - 02/28/2016
I have purchased over 20 different suppressors from THSF. The customer service that Scott provides is better than you could imagine. At the beginning of the process I was a complete NFA newb. He helped me with my trust helped me with my Form 1 submissions for my SBR's helped me with mounting my muzzle devices and soon he will be engraving my SBR's when the stamps come back from the ATF. Great pricing great selection great advice fast email responses everything you could ask for. Buy with confidence. No drama. No horror stories. No lost stamps. No missteps. No out of the country communication gaps. The service is so good if I didn't know better I would think that I was literally his only customer.
jay-e - 02/03/2016
I've bought over a dozen suppressors from THSF and had around 6 engravings done. Prices are good and the transfers have proceeded very smoothly with Scott giving mail updates at every step. His customer service is the standard that I now judge others by. The engravings were in and out in a day and the work (including polymer) was flawless.
- 01/29/2016
Beautiful work! Laser engraving in trigger area of my AR is discreet and looks great. They have great customer service as well and answered any questions I had. All for a very competitive price.
ANDYMCFEE - 01/22/2016
A big shout out to THSF. I stopped by their place to have 2 SBR's engraved and left purchasing 2 cans! It is so great to deal with a company that knows what they are doing. He is a stocking dealer so I was able to take my mounts with me. No form 3 wait times. Not to mention he has 1 of everything out there to see. They have earned my business. So far so good!
olewild - 12/15/2015
Sent my first SBR to THSF for engraving. Excellent job and fast turn around. Will send my next one to them without hesitation.
abnglocker - 10/17/2015
THSF is awesome. They have the best customer service you can imagine. I had always seen suppressors at gun shops but you hear a lot of misinformation so I avoided buying. Not here Scott spent the time explaining the process to me. His prices are great.He is always quick to respond to calls and emails. I cannot say enough good things about THSF they are great people and very focused on taking care of customers. I will also add that all this was clear before I even made a purchase. I called about a part asked about a suppressor and two weeks later I had purchased a suppressor from them.
JasonNC - 10/04/2015
Before discovering Tarheel State Firearms purchasing a silencer was a chore. I bought three from a local dealer paying MSRP on each and the customer service I received was horrendous. After the third similar experience I said never again. I discovered Scott and Tarheel State Firearms when I was looking for someone to engrave an SBR lower I was building. I made arrangements to go to his business have my coworker and I had our lowers engraved. They did such a good job that I checked out his site afterwards and discovered some of the best suppressor prices online. In just 3 short months I have purchased 6 suppressors from THSF. They make it TOO easy. It's practically Amazon one click easy. And the communications and service I have received are like nothing I have experienced anywhere else in the firearms industry. I can't recommend them enough. EDIT: Since posting this review I have taken possession of 4 more suppressors purchased through THSF and each one has gone smooth as the first. I have also bought several more and have them pending since leaving this review for a total of 9 suppressors bought through THSF. Scott makes it TOO EASY!! I know within 24-48 hours of making a purchase that my form 4 will be mailed off to the ATF and I usually have a email with my serial number within hours of a purchase. I wish Scott would expand his selection of firearms he carries and then it could really be a one stop shop for me!
Roc - 07/12/2015
The service and support that I received was spot on. Not only did my purchase of suppressors were great but I also had engraving done on a lower that was well above my expectations. I will definitely continue to do business with THSF.
flagga1 - 02/04/2015
Awesome service and flexibility. Purchased online from Korea (where the army has me for a little while longer) to a family trust. Trustee should pick it up before I get back. Great customer service.
Colton - 10/11/2014
Just ordered my first can from Scott at Tarheel State Firearms. He really did a great job explaining to this NFA noob what I needed to do and what kind of timeline I was looking at. Scott is extremely quick at getting his orders processed and paperwork sent out. To quote the Jimmy Johns commercials he is freaky fast. Which is a good thing! One other awesome thing is before I ordered I got to go to a local event and try out the suppressors I was interested in (and some toys that I'll never be able to afford!). Scott was awesome showed me the ones I had taken a liking to and even though I chose a relatively inexpensive suppressor he never pulled a used car salesman and tried to push me towards a more expensive model. Im fairly certain that I'll be a repeat customer. When I decide to put my money down on some more NFA items (hopefully in the very near future) I'll definitely be shooting Scott and email. And he will reply in two seconds. Literally. This guy has answered all of my emails in five minutes or less from when I hit send. It's kind of scary I think he has a sixth sense that automatically tells him he has an email inbound. Ok back to the point. You know the old adage Good Fast and Cheap. You can only pick two.? Well Scott has managed to bundle all three together. Great guy to work with and he'll definitely be getting more of my business.
Bull City Heel - 09/22/2014
I've had my suppressor for about a month and a half and have waited to reply again with updated feedback on my transaction with Tar Heel State Firearms. I did't want the excitement of receiving my item to skew my review.The entire transaction with Scott at Tar Heel State Firearms was all that I could have hoped for and more. Scott was patient polite and prompt with all of his responses in a very professional manner. He clearly explained the process and answered my questions along the way.When I picked up my suppressor Scott took the time to answer my questions and also showed me several more items I was interested in. He was never pushy or tried to make a sale which was refreshing. I recently decided to purchase a third can and contacted Scott as well as sent out a feeler to another local dealer. (I always receive multiple quotes on big purchases to gauge the market even though in all honesty I was going to buy from Scott or not buy at all). I had some questions about performance and Scott told me what he knew and gave me an excellent price. The other dealer replied back with a quote near MSRP and wanted to send me to payment processing immediately without answering any of my questions. Tar Heel State Firearms has definitely won a customer for life even if they are a few hrs away.
one2follow - 08/02/2014
one of the best Experiences I have had in a while. Scott sent me an email the second there was an update on my can. A+++++++++++++
BigWaylon - 07/19/2014
I just bought my 7th suppressor but first from Tar Heel State Firearms. The first six were split between a major online silencer shop and another dealer in NC. While I never had major complaints about the other two places my interactions with Scott so far have exceeded all expectations. I wish I had found THSF earlier. Plenty in stock which would have meant much quicker processing (no Form 3s) at a very competitive price. I really like the fact that you can handle everything online. Some other retailers make you email them for a price or any addtional information. Tar Heel has a website that allows purchase of silencers and the tax stamp which is very handy for those making purchases where there really are not any questions...we know what we want and just want to buy it. On the other hand if you do need help deciding on a suppressor Scott is extremely helpful and quick to respond. UPDATED 17Sep14: I wanted two more cans so gave Scott a call this morning. His site showed one in stock and he did not have anything listed for the other brand. He checked with his main suppliers and within a couple hours of my first call I had a copy of the F3 inbound to him with an out-the-door price that rivaled anything I could find out of state. Great customer service just like the first time! UPDATED 24Sep14: I just cannot stop. Four more cans from Scott today thanks to fair pricing and fantastic Customer Service. I recommend everyone find a local dealer and build a relationship with them.
cdstegall - 06/27/2014
These guys are great! Very helpful throughout the whole process. I have made several purchases through Tar Heel State Firearms and all have gone very smooth. They have a wide selection of products to choose from and are very knowledgeable about them all. I will definitley continue using these guys for all future purchases.
tsawyer5 - 06/27/2014
Perfect 5 Stars Couldn't suggest changing a thing. Customer Service at Tarheel State CAN NOT be beat. I swear the man doesn't know how to procrastinate. If he's as quick on the trigger as he is at getting you took care of beware. Thanks Scott
chewman39 - 06/20/2014
Scott and Tar Heel Firearms are excellent. Very knowledgeable and carries a large number of in stock NFA items. It was my first nfa purchase and he took lots of time to explain the process and go over the item thoroughly. Never felt rushed or pushed at anytime. Awesome place to do business with and will continue to do business with.
crentfrow - 06/19/2014
Scott at Tarheel State Firearms was a huge help to me for my suppressor purchase. He was readily available to answere any and all question I had. The best customer service hands down. He will definitely be my #1 dealer to go to. Thanks again Scott at Tarheel State Firearms
k.rowe2516 - 06/03/2014
I could not be any happier with the way things went with Scott. Very helpful and knowledgable and guided me through the entire process with no hiccups. Answered every question I had in a timely manner and didn't rush or push me in any direction and let me decide which suppressors to go with. Very easy to do business with and with myself being a rookie to the suppressor world Scott helped me the entire way and he will definitely get my business again even though there are closer shops I could go with. It was well worth it and will gladly make the trip because I know I will be taken care of and will get the best service possible! Thank You again Scott for making this a painless journey and I will most definitely do business with you again!
thewrxsti1 - 05/29/2014
Scott is the best person to talk to about all NFA items.Easy to talk to and will answer question you have and you don't feel rushed and he is not pushy at all. i will be buying more from him. Thank you Scott
Pauly - 05/26/2014
I normally don't write reviews only read them. But Scott at Tar Heel State is so awesome to work with I felt I had too. I got really lucky in that a friend told me about Scott when I was in the market for my 1st suppressor. He had already purchased several from other dealers and what he went through was making me not want to deal with the hassle and headache. But he told me that I wouldn't have that problem with Tar Heel State. Scott makes it so easy! His customer service is unbelievable! I just picked up my 1st suppressor a few weeks ago and Scott makes it so easy I bought another lol. There are alot of dealers out there but great customer service is harder to come by. If you want great customer service then give Scott a call. You wont be disappointed.
Studentofthegun - 05/26/2014
I am one of those folks who bought from other NFA dealers first before finally discovering Tar Heel State Firearms. Scott is the ONLY NFA dealer I will work with. I believe he is the best NFA dealer in North Carolina. I first bought an Innovative Arms Apex-S from him. It was amazing how fast and easy the transaction was. The thing that is so great about working with Scott is that he has an online presence that makes it so easy to purchase suppressors. His web store allows you to buy the suppressor and the tax stamp. Once that's done simply send in your trust paperwork. Since then I've bought an AAC SDN-6 from him. His customer service is second to none. In fact I can't think of anyone I've ever done business with that is as responsive as him. Nobody is even in the same ballpark. He has helped me with items I didn't even buy from him Between myself and a couple other guys that I introduced to Scott we've bought a total of six suppressors from him. In every instance he has done a great job. I only wish that I had found him sooner and done all my business through him. I am still waiting for a suppressor I bought from another dealer because that dealer screwed up the paperwork. If I'd bought the thing from Scott I'd have gotten it in January of this year. If you are considering buying a first suppressor or if you are looking for another one do yourself a favor and go to Tar Heel State Firearms. Between the user-friendly web store and his customer service I don't know of any other dealer with an online presence that comes close.
traumaplayer - 05/26/2014
My experience with Scott at Tarheel State Firearms was so exceptional that i feel compelled to let other people know! Scott helped guide me through setting up a trust and then answered the absurd amount of questions i had about the 5-6 suppressors that i was considering. He was extremely knowledgeable and explained all of the pros and cons of each model/brand. Once my decision was made the ordering process was quick and easy and he submitted the e-forms on the same day. The price was great and he actually had all of the models i was considering in stock (very rare for a suppressor shop). I'm convinced the man doesn't sleep because he answered my emails and phone calls at all times of the day. Case in point: my atf form was approved at 6:33 AM on Saturday and he let me know at 6:37 AM. To top it all off he let me come pick it up on Sunday! If you are considering a suppressor purchase you should stop thinking about it and call Tarheel State Firearms!
JoeOndish - 05/26/2014
From the start of everything I couldn't have asked for a better transaction! Perfect communication and completely customer focused. Will not go anywhere else for any of my NFA items from now on!
bzshootingsupply - 05/26/2014
Scott and Tar Heel State Firearms are a World Class III dealer! They have mastered the craft of customer service and will leave you feeling solid about your purchase. This was my first NFA purchase and with little prior experience with Trusts or ATF forms Scott walked me thru the process ensuring that I was comfortable with each step. After 5 seemingly quick months Scott contacted me and I had my new suppressor in no time! Thanks Scott & Tar Heel State Firearms I'll be back for more!
gibson - 05/22/2014
I put this purchase off for several years because of what I thought was a bunch of (go here go there then do this) kind of stuff but then I ran across Tar heel state firearms and personally met with Scott and he simplified everything basically made it a one stop kind of deal very personable and was a absolute pleasure to deal with he was great with pricing and patient with all my many questions. I have recommend many to him and will be going back myself to see him for future purchases again GREAT TO DEAL WITH Darren Gibson
techspy - 05/19/2014
I contacted several dealers about setting up a trust and ordering a suppressor. It was clear that Scott was the one to deal with. He really made the process easy to understand and takes the time to make sure you are happy with the product and know what to get. I have a suppressor pending that I purchased from him and am using him for a MG transfer. Really good guy and the best prices you will find!
Jacoba911 - 05/17/2014
I can't say enough good things about my experience with Tar Heel State Firearms. I have several NFA items. Some I have bought through a trust and some I purchased by mailing in my form 1's and 4's after my local LEO signed them. I must say that dealing with Scott when buying my latest suppressor has been by far the easiest out of all the items I have purchased. He is incredibly knowledgable about the products he sells. The continued communication from Scott while I waited on my tax stamp made the time much less painful. As far as I'm concerned I won't purchase another suppressor or SBR from anyone else. He is truly a class act. Honest friendly and always willing to answer questions... Scott has earned yet another loyal customer!
Tym - 05/15/2014
Easy to work with answered any and all questions I had during my wait. All around SUPER nice guy. Would not hesitate to order from again...
cloud - 05/14/2014
Could not believe how easy and painless Scott made it. I emailed him a question on Saturday he emailed me the forms and answered all the questions I had. Filled out the forms today .I had some more questions .Scott called me on the phone and answered the rest of my questions. Just got the email from Scott with my form 4.Fast easy and painless .Thanks!
Hess Gunwerks - 05/13/2014
Tar Heel is the best class 3 dealer in NC!!! Thanks Scott!!!
dkmatthews - 05/13/2014
Bravo Zulu (kudos) to Tar Heel State Firearms for the fantastic price break and incredible customer service in getting my paperwork submitted! Now with Tar Heel State Firearms the online ordering was smooth and no-nonsense but they really shined where Scott got involved. He sent me several emails letting me know what steps needed to be completed and what he needed from me. Within 30 minutes of sending in the scanned copy of my notarized trust I received the emails showing the e-file confirmation! These guys ROCK. So after all was said and done I received my approval and my suppressors from Tar Heel State Firearms in less than 150 days! I wish I had placed my first order with Tar Heel State Firearms because Scott really shines on customer service.
boxer27 - 05/13/2014
Tar Heel State Firearms is the best NFA dealer in NC hands down. I have read about how good the other local dealers are and how easy they are to get in touch with where all lies. These other dealers never answer the phone when called wont return voice mails and or emails and if they do its a week or more. Scott on the other hand answered the phone by the third ring answered all my questions about the process and made me feel very comfortable with my purchases. He has kept in touch with me through the whole process from purchase to receiveing my stamp. I would and have purchased from him again. Tar Heel State Firearms caries a large selection of suppressors in stock from rifle pistol and rimfire which is nice since you can start your form 4 imidiatly and not have to wait for it to be manufactured and form 3ed to him. Don't hessitate to give them a call.

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