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6 Reviews for SSG TACTICAL

daveID - 02/02/2016
davisjwd - 11/03/2015
SSGT Tactical was very good at explaining how to set up a TRUST for SBR. My son who is SF had a fascinating talk with their build guy - they know their parts. These folks know their arsenal inventory and have excellent selections. I find that they are great in helping a person learn and walk them through the process. Never have i received any condescending feedback. Always have been very professional. Sounds like some people are just a little condescending them selves.
BigIron5 - 04/11/2015
The other reviews about being a bother are 100% correct. When you do get answers to your questions the answers have a good chance of sounding like one or more of: cocky condescending know-it-all. Twice I've heard we can't get ____ (buffer tube LPK) due to market demand only to find the items on their shelf after continured browsing. MSRP or within $20 is the best they'll do on suppressors.
Staddle - 02/19/2015
My questions about a suppressor they had for sale were initially ignored. By being very persistent I finally got half-answers and felt like I was viewed as a bother. I actually did buy the suppressor but would go elsewhere next time.
papaseven - 01/20/2015
Never did get to deal with SSG. You have to wait for their NFA Guy to do any transfer and I work during his schedule. Furthermore any questions I asked were treated like a bother. I would deal with a few other dealers with better transfer fees first than these guys. Also don't ask them to price match any other local dealer.
Deathiscertain - 10/16/2013
I purchased a M11 9mm through these folks and they promptly had the paperwork sent out. Very VERY reasonable price for this SMG considering the intense political climate. I didn't even know they had a military discount until I had my wallet open and the salesperson saw my ID. Some of their cans are expensive but there are deals to be had through this business and they have an extensive amount of firearms and accessories. I'll drive 100 miles round trip to do business with them again.

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