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2001 CLAY ST

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2001 CLAY ST
T: 8162219117

2 Reviews for SNAP SHOTS

rwintuc - 06/03/2014
The guys here are nice and had what I was looking for. I did go on there wait-list for two of the four can I bought from them bought one on a promotional deal and the last was an opportunistic purchase. Owner John is good to work with and can get most thing given enough time.
kcgunesq - 01/25/2014
Located in the former location of Denny's Guns in downtown NKC the staff at Snapshots is friendly and helpful. They will definitely take the time to educate you and help you make a purchasing decision especially if you come in during non-peak hours. On the downside they never seem to have any cans in stock except those waiting on stamps for customers. So while you can see what a particular silencer looks like it is hard to purchase one without waiting for the dealer-to-dealer or maker to dealer transfer time. I appreciated all of their help and wanted to give them my business. But after being told that a can I wanted to buy would be in several times over several months I finally gave up as I could get it immediately from several other sources. I realize that it has been a crazy year and this wasn't necessarily thier fault. But given the prospect of regulatory changes as a customer I simply couldn't take the risk that they wouldn't get it in time. Snapshots is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a silencer and if they had what I wanted in stock at a fair price I wouldn't hesitate to give them a chance.

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