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44 Reviews for SILENCER SHOP

goloud - 11/15/2016
Great people. Great prices. SS knows how to innovate. Buy with confidence.
shhhquiet - 11/10/2016
Terrible.  I bought two suppressors from them before they grew too big for their britches and SilencerCo dumped them for trying to act like a distributor which is all well and fine if you're outside of TX.  For TX customers, they really hosed them by no longer offering direct sales. I hope Silencer Shop goes out of business.
MrZippers - 06/07/2016
I ordered two cans from my LGS in January; still waiting. I ordered another .45 can from Silencer Shop April 4th. Ran my tax stamp and trust through them; suppressor arrived at my LGS on June 7th! SMOKIN'! Thanks Silencer Shop!
gilbed - 11/30/2015
Bought several from SS since 2014 and have to say the best by far hate the ATF is increasing wait times with trust ordered on 71 got whoo hoo email on 1130 with approval on 1115. Got more on wish list and will deal with SS.
shhhquiet - 09/13/2015
Terrible for Texas Form 4s but great for out of state Form 3 transfers. They recently started doing business as a distributor only thus pissing on their Texas customers and not allowing direct sales/pick ups.
iamtristan12 - 06/09/2015
Amazing service for a first-time can buyer! Had my Trust on file e-mailed me copies of everything and they even fwd me e-mails updating my NFA/ATF status. Will only do business with these guys for my future cans!!!
jllong - 06/03/2015
Made buying a suppressor easy Great company to work with & quick to respond to any questions.
Snowchicken - 05/05/2015
on my third purchase now from silencer shop an have experienced excellent service an great products. First class operation.
ATXDan - 04/24/2015
Wow. These guys have the Silencer buying process down to a science! Super easy. Great prices. Fast. Expected a big hassle and was amazed at how easy they made the process. Went back and bought a second suppressor - was even easier - gave them my credit card 30 seconds filling out a page on the computer there and done (they already had my trust on file). Easy as that. Fantastic!
Turbo - 01/23/2015
I have to say. Their the very best company to deal with. Pricing and service are great. I highly recommend them.
IDLH130 - 12/27/2014
With these guys running their operation as efficiently as they do and at such incredible prices it's hard to believe that other dealers can actually stay in business. Go the extremely knowledgable and personable employee will answer the phone and answer every single one of your questions without pushing you towards buying any particular brand. Think you can find a better deal? Very unlikely...I tried my damnedest and couldn't get within a hundred bucks just for the can not to mention the paperwork they do FOR YOU at no extra charge (except for the $5.00 convenience fee for writing the check for the stamp). One of my doubter friends whom I referred to SS shopped around not only in TX but in three neighboring states and STILL couldn't find a better deal...he ended up going with silencer shop anyway. SS has officially turned me into a can junkie who views his disposable income through the lens of which suppressor should I get this time.... Four down and hopefully many more to go. To all the gentlemen at Silencer Shop my sincere thanks.
dustbuster - 11/10/2014
My 2nd can from these folks they stay on top of it know the process and cant be beat pricewise.Buy a gun from a gunshop buy a can from The man that knows cans! They also take time to educate buyers in a cheerful manner rather than collect money and kick u out the back door! awesome 5 star all the way
BigWaylon - 10/20/2014
Highly recommended. I bought my first can from SS before their SS Direct program existed and it was as smooth as you could expect. Bought three more this year using SSD and even though eFile is not available they stayed on top of everything and kept me in the loop. I have also bought multiple accessories from them and their free shipping is always fast. Their PRICE MATCH offer just cannot be if you find an item in stock somewhere else give SS a call.
ex95B10 - 09/07/2014
I tried my hardest not to do business with the Silencer Shop I really did. I shopped everywhere looking for lower prices and I finally came to the conclusion that it was just a lost cause. I challenge anyone to find better prices or better customer service anywhere I don't think you can but if you do let me know because these guys are amazing.Here's my list of the reasons why I think they are number one: I could only imagine how great life would be if these guys were the ones running the NFA ATF approvals.
mcneelytp - 08/31/2014
Bought a Liberty Essence for my 22/45 of SS. Paid end of June. Arrived for Christmas. Always take the time on phone not just on paperwork but for the dummy questions that i dont want to ask on a forum where opinions outweigh any actual experience. I was with SS when they were a few joe's....and a jane. Out of a home. Cannot believe how they have grown! I have 2 cans in jail now. Bought in APR. Hope to see them before 2015. SS makes it too easy to spend my bucks! Keep up the great work!!!!
mlafitte - 07/08/2014
I ordered a YHM 7.62 QD Phantom M2. They are very helpful and personable. They keep in contact and do things very professionally and quickly. These guys know what they are doing and can get you a great deal. All of my future cans will be through them.
HighRiseATX - 06/22/2014
I've bought three cans from Silencer shop. I'm local to them bought one in store and two online. I've also met with them at a demo day they were hosting for Liberty suppressors. I've picked up my suppressors at the shop and also bought accessories at the store front as well as on-line. I have also had a missing item and did support by email. In every live email or on-line interaction they have been first class all the way.
Rob21sf - 04/07/2014
Excellent to do business with A+ Purchased my AAC 9 300 Black upper from them a while back and thought they deserve this postie review!
skullbox15 - 04/02/2014
Great to work with. I just purchased my 3rd suppressor from them.
TheBoltman - 03/10/2014
I live in UT. When interested in purchasing a SilencerCo Saker I called my local NFA dealers and then searched the web to find the best price. Silencer Shop was offering the Saker for more than $350 less than I would have paid had I got it locally. Silencer shop has free shipping but my local shop did charge a $100 transfer fee making the savings $250 plus what I would have paid for sales tax. This saved more than enough to cover the cost of the NFA tax stamp.When I had questions they were very quick to respond to email and I was never put on hold when I called.Silencers can cast a ton so search for the best price and always check out Silencer Shop. It'll be worth your time. Just remember it'll add 5 weeks to when you get the can but you can't blame that on them.
yukonsooner - 02/07/2014
Very helpful and quick compared to others. Prices are very reasonable. I would give 5 stars but ran into a hiccup on my last silencer buy that was remedied but threw my timeline back another 3-6 weeks with the Form 3. Will definitely buy from them for all my silencer needs.
codywhelchel - 02/04/2014
The only place to buy from if you live in Texas! Awesome customer service. I have bought two other suppressors from other dealers and will never shop anywhere else after my first experience with Silencer Shop.
stillwater53189 - 02/03/2014
Great communication fast shipment and of course GREAT PRICES! Highly recommended!
brdrcp44635 - 01/25/2014
Great selection - excellent customer service. I would def. do business with them again.
areekalaan - 01/22/2014
Bought 2 cans from them a few months apart. Fast service very helpful huge selection. Excellent communication through email. Couldn't ask for a better experience! They also make THE BEST SILENCER COMPARISON VIDEOS to help you decide which one is best for you! EDIT: make that 3 Edit again: 10 and counting still %100 A+++++
clintlawson - 01/18/2014
When I purchased my suppressors this place was great. I talked to a guy on the phone and he was very helpful. It was a very personal type sale. I would buy from them again. Of course that was 9 months ago and I am still waiting on the ATF!!!! However My FFL had the suppressors from the Silencer Shop in less than a month. So that part of the tranfer seems to happen pretty quickly. Clint
jmhow46 - 01/14/2014
Very good help by phone and fast and efficient ordering. Much better than snail mail for FOrm 4's
usdtmcs1 - 01/10/2014
You just can't go wrong with this outfit. They are efficient and have their processes nailed down. They respond quickly to your needs and concerns and guide you through any problems or questions. They have made the purchase of two suppressors effortless and easy. I have recommended them to friends who have made purchases and they have been thoroughly satisfied too.
skeeter - 01/05/2014
After watching their videos on how easy it would be to purchase from them I paid for a YHM 5.56 suppressor via their online order system. I filled out the relevant information regarding the type of transfer being used and simply awaited the paperwork. It came in about 2 days. I returned it back along with the trust information and check and they took care of the rest. All gravy. Now I just have to wait. :D I hope that I didn't make a mistake by not efiling for a quicker turnaround time. Oh well not the Silence Shop's problem. They were great quick and easy and respond promptly to questions. Plus their prices seemed to be very good after compare other options on the web.
m4a1sof - 12/31/2013
They electronically file the Form 3 so it only took(4) weeks from when I placed my order to when it arrived at my dealers. Now the looooooong wait starts to actually receive it.
sonnygunz - 12/18/2013
It doesn't get any better than Silencer Shop.I bought 3 Silencers from them in 8 days; will buy my next 3 from them as well. They E-File everything if you have a Trust and it makes it so damn easy to buy a can. I bought my last two can's from my cell phone!!! Their prices are the lowest anywhere and their customer service is the best Ive ever seen! I dont know how they do it but they do!
CCH - 12/04/2013
Great place. I was able to purchase my Titanium Phantom 7.62 QD WITH state sales tax and the additional 205$ for the tax stamp and $5 processing store fee for less than one of the Houston class 3 dealers wanted for just the can BEFORE tax or any other charges. They also wanted $50 to file my papers - Silencer Shop does it for free. Why anyone wouldn't START their suppressor search with these guys is beyond me. Highly recommended.
moagm316 - 12/03/2013
These folks are awesome to deal with.
257 - 11/29/2013
I had a lot of questions. Alot! Paul was very patient with me. Then I messed up one of my forms. He quickly mailed me another after my confession phone call. Highly recommend these guys.
1DrnkMxR - 11/28/2013
They are a top notch operation. They have the best price and service. Veryvery happy with my purchase. Now the wait begins on my F4.
brvs225 - 11/26/2013
Great prices and answered almost every email within the hour.
group09 - 11/14/2013
Awesome company have gotten 3 suppressors from them--excellent prices fast turn times good service. Highly recommend.
oldmachine - 11/09/2013
Bought a can with these guys and less than a month later bought a second can simply because there prices are so low and they really do go the extra mile!
lambetk - 10/29/2013
Dave goes the extra mile. Bought 4 cans so far. Service and price are excellent. Other dealers should take note. No one does the paperwork like Dave. 10 star dealer.
dNFAt - 10/14/2013
Amazing! They messed up an order of mine but made it right as soon as I mentioned it. They are the best!
Chevytuff19 - 10/13/2013
Great prices and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
Keane - 10/12/2013
This is a fantastic shop that I've purchased through multiple times (Form 3). I cannot stress how absolutely perfect they have been every time. Definitely shop with confidence with these guys!
stik - 10/12/2013
I've bought 3 cans from these guys and they are truly top notch. They were coming down to town for a gun show and brought one of my cans to me a day after it was approved. They are setting the bar pretty high for all the other shops in Texas at least and I suspect nationally as well. Thanks guys!
Justin_Bove - 10/12/2013
Absolutely the best place to get a suppressor! Service and communication were outstanding. They keep in contact through the whole process and when I email them with something not on the site they get it for me. They also respond to emails right away.

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