Red Circle Tactical, RCTF

Store Location

2517 E Mount Hope Ste 7
Lansing, MI 48910

Mailing Address

2517 E Mount Hope Ste 7
Lansing, MI 48910
T: (517) 798-4867

1 Review for Red Circle Tactical, RCTF

JSmith - 05/10/2017
You don't see your NFA dealer every day, but when you do, it is nice to have a reputable one. I have transferred 3 suppressors through RCT now without a hitch. I would even say quite pleasant. Michael is pretty laid back and easy to get along with. The process was transparent (at least as transparent as it gets with NFA) and I had full confidence he wasn't sitting on my stamps or up to something else squirrely. Unfortunately my attorney has advised me to not re-post my non-recommending review of another dealer in MI, as the owner was very upset by it. So much so that he threatened me with legal action. In a nutshell, this other dealer cashed my check, never submitted my F3, threatened me with fees for inquiring months later, and then threatened me with legal action after posting about my truthful experiences. To avoid taking it to court, I caved and took the advice to remove it. My purchased item was sold to someone else without my knowledge, and I had to use my lawyer to get my money back. Since I can't post this where it rightfully belongs, even in it's watered down state, I include this in good reviews of the dealers that deserve good things said about them. Maybe my standards are low as a result, but I consider myself to be fairly critical and pay attention to detail. I was definitely not disappointed at this place. Prices are relatively competitive, he's extremely easy to contact via phone or email for orders, or making an appointment to pick up your stamp/item. Not sure what else I'd want. And he doesn't write his own reviews on the internet. RCTF is a relatively new business (only a couple years) and NFA items are a niche market, so I would not expect a bunch of glorious reviews. I would be extremely suspicious of any dealer who has many, many good reviews and is not a nationwide dealer like SilencerShop or Capitol Armory, thus not having the business to back it up. People write bad reviews more easily, and to get a good review, something must have been truly amazing, the reviewer has an excess of free time, or some other experience drives them to voice an opinion. Maybe even coercion, with a threat, or a reward -- standard practice with many Amazon sellers. You have been warned. With that said, let this genuine review stand, and take heed. While I'm sure there are other reputable dealers close to this area too, I would have driven to the farthest one to avoid the nightmare I walked into before.

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