Moeller Arms

Store Location

7200 S. 84th Street Ste 43
LA VISTA, NE 68128

Mailing Address

7200 S. 84th Street Ste 43
LA VISTA, NE 68128
T: 4023396995

5 Reviews for Moeller Arms

bluejay8984 - 09/06/2015
I have worked with Rod on an order of mine and he has been great. Outstanding service knowledge and an overall genuine person.
Target - 01/09/2014
I currently have one transfer from Rod in pending status. He has been great to work with during the purchase process - keeping me updated of the can's Form 3 transfer status to him so we could get my Form 4 in as quickly as possible so it could get into the NFA branch 9-month queue. He's knowledgeable on NFA procedures and I would recommend him as a Class 3 FFL for anyone within driving distance of the Omaha area.
DirtyHandsRob - 10/21/2013
I have not bought any NFA firearms from him but I have visited his store several times bought numerous items and he is a great dealer.
SilencerOpterator - 10/21/2013
Extremely knowledgeable and honorable - Rod has been honest and helpful with me and I really appreciate doing business there.
Jaeger2600 - 10/19/2013
Rod got his SOT last year if I remember correctly but he is very knowledgeable about his products. He is also a champion for gun rights in the state of Nebraska and is the current president of the Nebraska Firearm Owners Association. He has done one transfer for me (just picked up my can today) and I also bought a pistol silencer from him (still in-process).

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