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Chris - 02/08/2018
Background story, my wife and I finally got elk tags so I needed a larger caliber gun. She's a very small women, 100 soaking wet, and she has a hard time with my 270. So I decided to upgrade the caliber for the elk but get a can so she can handle the recoil better. I wanted a silencer co can and they also have a military discount with certain licensed dealers. So quiet time popped up as a silencer co dealer that will offer me the military discount. They are 2 hours away from where im stationed. First off, as him and I are corresponding via email, he starts to chastise me about being a flake or not because I just can't leave my military job to drive 2 hrs away to buy stuff from him. (Mind you, this guy is a former army officer) then he talks to me about form 4, trust vs individual. I initially wanted individual because it's showing a faster turn around on this site and others than the trust, plus the trust is going to cost me more (this is April 17, and I need the can by Nov 17). He really pushed the trust, saying it would be faster and it's smarter for my family to have a trust as he really foot stomped this lawyer friend he wanted me to use to write the trust. After all the bells in my head told me to go somewhere else and to use individual, I stayed with him and went trust and bought the silencer co trust packet for another 200 I think. He swore up and down that it would take 4 to 6 months. (Ya for the individual, not the trust he suggested, I told him about this site and the info I found, he quickly disregarded it suggesting he's the dealer, he knows) so I finally make my way down to his home to complete the transaction. It was a 3 or 4 hr process, and I came with the paperwork completed on my end. I was able to get the silencer co military discount which saved me a few hundred dollars on everything (1 can, 3 qd muzzle brake) so that was nice. But I wish I didn't get the trust, I'd have my can by now or close to it. Purchase Apr 2017, check cleared 9 days later. It looks like they are still on Sept of last year for trust, individual they are on April May of this year. Always follow your gut. Do your due diligence and do your research, and always remember, nobody else in this world cares about your money or your time and most have some seedy reason to take either or both from you. Form 4 trust , paper Purchase 17 Apr 2017 Check cashed 26 Apr 2017

Stamp and can/ sometime next year when I won't need it or I'll have to drive back from whatever state my wife and I get stationed next summer.

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