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13 Reviews for NC SILENCER

Matt Bischoff - 11/10/2016
Ordering from NC Silencer was great. Sad to see them shut down. I just got my first suppressor from them last month and even though they have closed up shop they still give there customers plenty of attention. I live a bout two hours away from them so Hank from NC Silencer gladly meet me there on a Sunday afternoon to let me pick up my suppressor.
Suttmike1 - 07/02/2016
My first purchase through NC Silencer was great. Everything progressed as expected and I was pleased. This past April 2016 I contacted them again about purchasing a suppressor for my AR-10 I was informed by Hank that they had too much to do to get all the current paperwork completed before the new ATF Law change in July to help anyone else with new purchases. That set me back a lot because I was showing loyalty to them by coming back for another purchase. Not much loyalty from them to their customer base. When I asked Hank to recommend another dealer to help me he informed me that he did not know of any other dealers in our area that could. So I went online and found the Silencer Shop. I purchased my suppressor through them they gave me a long list of dealers in my are that could take the form 3 transfer and complete my purchase once the stamp arrived. I am now in the final stages of the purchase. Granted the stamp will come in well after the new law takes effect but my process is done until that point. The Silencer Shop does quite a bit more sales and paperwork than NC Silencer does as they help people from every allowable state get their items they want and the paperwork completed right the first time. Had NC Silencer taken my order when I first contacted them in late March to early April they could have had me probably closer to getting my stamp and my suppressor. Loyalty doesn't mean much to them nor does repeat customers. All I can say at this point is they have lost this repeat customer. Just thought other second or third time buyers from them should expect this behavior. Too bad. I am a very loyal person so long as the people I am working with are loyal to me. - 10/01/2015
They handle everything from start to finish. Even wrote my trust for me for free!
NCGunGeek - 08/02/2015
** HIGHLY RECOMMEND ** I have purchased several silencers from NC Silencer and have been thoroughly impressed with them. Hank took time to answer my questions (and i asked a LOT of questions) and ensure i was making an informed purchase. They sell just about every brand/model of silencer and are not attached to any manufacturer so they provide honest opinions on all of them. I have found some stores will stock one primary brand and talk it up; not NC Silencer. Since they do not have a storefront i was a little concerned making a purchase. My first silencer purchase with them calmed my fears. Bottom line - great guys awesome service and best prices around. **** HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM ****
HAMMYDAVE - 05/16/2014
I read all of the reviews of all of the silencers out there before I even contacted Eric at NC SILENCER. The reviews had my head spinning. By the time I found these guys I was completely clueless. After one e-mail they gave me more information than I had ever had before. Anyway long story short. I got exactly what I wanted no BS and all thanks to NC SILENCER. I don't know if I can give them a better review than that.
dkmatthews - 05/13/2014
I placed an order on August 26 2013 with NC SILENCER and chose that company because their claim is that they handle everything for the customer and make it smooth and easy. To start with I do not hear from them unless I contact them first. On top of that I had to wonder about their Quality Assurance and record keeping when they asked me for another copy of my trust -- six weeks after it was supposedly sent in to the ATF. So here is the timeline on my soap opera story of suppressor ownership...** On August 26 2013 I placed an order for two suppressors with NC SILENCER. That company does not provide updates unless you contact them and they discourage their customers from contacting them because they are so busy. ** On October 17 2013 NC SILENCER contacted me asking me for another copy of my trust saying they had misplaced the one for their files. This did not inspire much confidence but I am at their mercy and assuming everything is in order. ** On May 12 2014 I called the ATF and talked to Damon. I gave Damon my information and asked about the status of my form 4s. He told me they were pending as of December 13 2013 and that I should expect to receive them in OCTOBER!!! ##UPDATE# ** On May 13 2014 I posted the original review here. ** On May 17 2014 I received a telephone call from Eric the owner of NC SILENCER. He talked with me for an hour or so trying to explain his side of things. I really didn't get much consolation from it but it was thoughtful and generous of Eric to share so much of his time with me. During the phone conversation Eric explained that he and Hank have started new processes and procedures to keep their customers more informed about status of tax stamp applications. Eric asked me to change my review -- and I promised that I would update the review as all of the details came to light. ** On June 2 2014 I called the ATF and got the same time estimate for receiving my approved stamps -- October. ** On June 29 2014 I received an email from Hank a
Deal87 - 03/11/2014
I just made my purchase from NC SILENCER. I'm VERY excited about getting my silencer. They were able to E-File my application right away so my Surefire suppressor should be in my hands FAST!!! At least I hope it will. Anyway I thought I would come to this site and leave a review since this is where I found out about these guys in the first place. I'm a newbie to all of this stuff and they really helped me find exactly what I was looking for a good quality silencer from a well established company that I can trust will be around later if something happens. Eric helped walk me through the trust process and even though my Sheriff will sign once I learned about the trust I decided to go that route. Eric's sales guy was also really helpful and knowledgeable and both of them were great to work with. I look forward to buying more NFA items from them. If you live in North Carolina there is no other place to go but NC SILECNER. Now the wait begins....
BlueCarolina - 02/08/2014
I've purchased several items from these guys over the years and they are great to work with. The owner Eric and his staff are nice and friendly and they don't mind spending time helping you find exactly what you need. The first silencer I purchased was kind of on a whim when I went with my friend to pick up one that he had purchased. Eric explained everything to me walked me through all of the laws and regulations and just completely bent over backwards to help me. To my surprise it worked just like he said and several months later I had a silencer. I couldn't believe how easy it was. Later on I went to his website and bought a SBR from him same deal just as helpful and friendly as before. You can't beat these guys if you live in this state. I've already got a few more silencers on order with them using my trust so far it's the same good service as always. No complaints whatsoever from me.
Art Myrberg - 02/07/2014
NC Silencer has all the great suppressors for sale and for those individuals that are waiting for a Tax Stamp NC Silencer will stay with it and keep you totally in the loop with the process and the wait. The government is slow as you know but NC Silencer will stay with it and will not let you down. The wait is worth it. You have the right to enjoy shooting with out the noise. I will deal with this group of people any time and you should too. Customer service is hard to find so when you find it you should stick with it. Thank you NC Silencer
ITO - 01/24/2014
Just found out about this resource from a friend. NCSILENCER.COM and Eric and the people who work for him there are awesome. I'm a repeat customer for sure.
franklinK - 01/23/2014
Hands down the best buying experience I've ever had for a firearm purchase. These guys have got it all figured out. I bought an AAC Element 2 and a Silencerco SAKER. I couldn't be happier with my purchases.
downrangedot - 01/23/2014
I can't say enough good things about these guys. I came to them with nothing but the hope that I could one day own a silencer. They helped me every step of the way. Professional courteous staff great prices and top tier customer service. NC SILENCER is as good as it gets in my book.
BigWaylon - 01/17/2014
Great company and employees. Provided a lot of information to help me make my first suppressor purchases (one Form 3 transfer to them and two Form 4 direct purchases). Detailed step-by-step instructions throughout the purchase and paperwork process. Highly recommended! -Greg in Charlotte

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