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CHM - 05/02/2017
Ordered a suppressor over a year ago (12/2015). It was not in stock.   Thought my order was cancelled it was so long. Anyway, received a call in September that the can was received. I authorized payment and sent them local class 3 dealer info. There was a delay in them submitting their paperwork but I finally laid hands on it locally 2 days ago.  The last time I bought a can from a different source, this process took around 4 weeks, not 6 months. Yet, I did receive the item I paid for almost 16 months later.
Crossbow - 10/23/2013
My experience with KGI started almost 2 years ago in March of 2012. Had I known now what I didn't know then I would never have ordered from them. I had the hands down worst online experience with them I have ever had with a company. To start it off I saw their adds online in some of the shooting forums and thought I would check them since I wanted a suppressor for my savage .30 win mag I had recently bought. Their website looked professional so I broke down and ordered an AWC Thor in titanium from them. They informed me that they didn't have any in stock but would order it right away. I also paid them for the trust paperwork which I think was $200. After that is when the trouble started. For the first part when I got the trust paperwork I knew it was just a generic trust printed from a program like it's legal. Really something that basic and canned should have been cheap or even free. Fine.. I had agreed to pay for it so I can't complain though they should have been up front what it w

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