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38 Reviews for JKSilencers.com

Nicdmoncher - 06/12/2016
Couldn't ask for more from these guys. Excellent customer service from start to finish even going above and beyond to check in from time to time with me and the ATF. Class act would have no problem recommending them to anyone and will definitely use again.
Johncox857@gmail.com - 06/11/2016
Very helpful knowledgeable he's the the guy you want to to to about a trust any nfa questions just an all around great shop
BigGoose62 - 06/09/2016
JK Silencers is owned & operated by a guy named Jeremy. From all the reviews I have read and through my own personal experiences when meeting with him he is one of the best NFA dealers to do business with. He's just a local NC guy that's very down-to-Earth goes way out of his way to make his customers happy and knows a lot about the suppressor business. I've dealt with lots of gun dealers at LGSs & shows and unfortunately a lot of them just come across as car salesmen (to put it nicely) that will say anything to sell you an over-priced product. But Jeremy comes across as someone you'd grab a beer with afterwards. His prices are very competitive he has tons of stuff in stock (and can order things that aren't) his customer service is excellent his communication throughout the process has been awesome and he's a local guy trying to support his family. I can't think of any reason I will ever shop elsewhere for my future suppressor purchases.
ToddS - 05/26/2016
Jeremy was incredibly patient with all my many questions. He had products for me to look at and he had experience will all of them. He help me find the perfect product for my goals. I shopped a couple other placed before making my decision and highly recommend Jeremy and JKSilencers.com ToddS
bmmechan - 05/25/2016
Awesome guy to deal with. Communicates fast and is extremely helpful.
zach.grubb - 05/09/2016
Jeremy was extremely helpful getting my trust setup and ordering my first suppressor. He has a good amount of inventory on hand and has all the latest toys. I have and will continue to recommend him - even though he is 2+ hours away.
dflorez - 04/03/2016
Jeremy is super helpful and knowledgeable. Prices are great and helps out growing the NFA community by giving free trusts with purchases. Wouldn't recommend anyone else but JK Silencers.
g-dad - 02/29/2016
Jeremy is not only knowledgeable about what he does he's passionate without being pushy or arrogant. It has taken me about a year to finally make my purchases and not once during that period of time did he neglect to answer my questions or act as though he had no time for me. No matter where you are or how far you have to drive do not make a decision without first seeing him!!
Joe in nc - 02/20/2016
My experiences with Jeremy at JKsilencers Has been 100% positive! He is extremely helpful patient and knowledgeable. He really takes the time to make you feel comfortable about dealing with him and the products he sells as well as the ATF which Of Course he does for you. It is really nice to have someone in your corner guiding you towards the best product for your needs and not towards what is in stock or otherwise like many other dealers in my experience do. The prices are very competitive as well. He is in no way pushy arrogant or impatient all around a awesome person to deal with. It is nearly a two hour drive to Jeremy from where I live and completely worth it! I see JKsilencers growing at a exponential rate! Joe
Jgood - 02/17/2016
Super fast and very proactive
whiskeytangofoxtrot - 01/28/2016
Jeremy answered all of my questions and I know I had a lot. His template and guidance made this an easy process.
Chris L. - 01/01/2016
Jeremy is an awesome guy to work with. He does a great job at explaining the process of purchasing a supressor for the first time and makes it very easy. I got my paper work started this week for my first supressor. He will definately be getting my business for gun transfers and supressor purchases in the future. I highly recommend him.
dstrbdmedic167 - 12/14/2015
Great company and guy! A+ service.
fhyman - 12/07/2015
I believe I'm a pretty tough sale. Jeremy got my business. He really worked with me in my decision making process on which product to purchase even after all the research I had already done. Actually firing various suppressors at the range was most helpful. Been waiting on ATF since August. I know their swamped but I'm anxious for my Recce 7. Thanks again Jeremy!
jkupp2000 - 12/06/2015
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It's been a pleasure working with all of you and I look forward to working with you again.
jlowe0809 - 12/06/2015
Just made a purchase last week. I emailed him around 8:30pm to start the conversation after seeing many post on Carolina Shooters Club forums. Jeremy immediately replied and told me to call anytime before 10pm. I called shortly after 9pm and completed the transaction. I can not think of to many places to get that kind of service. Now its just a waiting game.
inkedintville - 12/06/2015
I discovered Jeremy through a mutual friend that let me shoot his silenced 22 when I was over there one day buying a rifle from him. It wasn't but just a couple of days later I was talking to this dude and learned the ends and outs of a trust and how to go about getting one. Fast forward another week or so and my trust in hand I emailed him a copy of it and made the trip to purchase my can. Now the wait is almost over and he's been there for anything I've had any questions about even about Form1 stuff I wasn't sure about when learning about how to do the SBR paper work. Between him and our mutual friend this has been an extremely pleasant experience even though I'm like a pregnant nun waiting on the results of a pregnancy test with the Pope sweating beside her to see if he's the daddy. Even though I have probably aggravated the shit out of him he STILL is as nice and friendly as the very first time I spoke with him. If you're not buying your NFA goods from JeRemy you're fucking up! Thanks for all you do brother!
Etohcop - 12/06/2015
Jeremy has bent over backwards to work with me on purchases and projects! This was my first foray into NFA buying and it couldn't have been any smoother. Jeremy is knowledgeable and patient always willing to go the extra mile to help a friend...which is what you become when you deal with Jeremy!
ddiesel219 - 12/06/2015
Jeremy answered all my questions almost immediately. Really down to earth guy simple process. He will be my go to guy for any nfa purchase!
GunRunnr - 12/06/2015
Jeremy makes the entire NFA process a breeze! Whether you need help creating a Trust or have questions about suppressor comparisons he's your man! Super friendly and always available! No retail BS from your local gun shop know-it-all! He's an honest straight shooter!
clediusmac - 12/06/2015
Ease of use and good communication. I will definitely use JK Silencers for future suppressor purchases.
former11B - 11/26/2015
Jeremy went out of his way over the course of several months to find a local transfer dealer with the best price (I'm in SC he's in NC) and I'm sure it started to feel like I was just a tire kicker not really going to buy anything but he kept right on helping until I was ready to buy my Griffin Recce 5. He gave me a great price on it even subtracting the transfer fee from the total. Great buy and wouldn't hesitate to get another from Jeremy!
Wade - 11/25/2015
Jeremy made the whole process easy to purchase my first can. I recommend using him for all your ATF needs.
hglovrpar - 11/13/2015
Jeremy made the process very easy. He is knowledgeable and was very responsive to my numerous questions. A thorough professional in every way.
Chub_SS - 10/31/2015
Jeremy was very helpful to me when I was choosing my suppressor. He answered any questions I could think of and some that I hadn't thought of. He also keeps me up to date on the ATFs progress as well. Thank You!
mig1nc - 10/06/2015
Jeremy was very knowledgeable friendly and easy to deal with. Would use again without hesitation.
rgsealsjr2 - 10/06/2015
Jeremy was very patient and helpful took time to answer any questions I had and handled the Form 4 for me. Been a pleasure to work with!
SilenceNC - 10/06/2015
Knowledgeable professional easy to talk to willing to help and inform.... really could go on forever but the bottom line is that he definitely has a supporter and repeat customer here. JKSilencer is second to none in all departments. Keep up the great work and thank you... again!
nailgun - 10/05/2015
Professional very willing to cover every detail. great value. I will use him for every NFA transaction I ever do. Paul
Cossey - 10/04/2015
I've waited about five months to post this review so here it is. Back in February (or around then) I started browsing the forums and came across JKSilencers and he seemed very knowledgeable about NFA things so I sent him a PM with a few inquiries about the process recommendations for a suppressor and ballpark pricing just so I knew what I would be getting myself into. He replied with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge and ultimately recommended Griffin Armament and Silencerco brands due to various reasons. Fast forward to April/May when I was finally down here and started my trust I placed my first order with Jeremy for a Revolution 45. I emailed him my trust docs and he got everything started. Shortly after I placed a couple of other orders for muzzle devices for my rifles and another piston for my Sig P227. Everything arrived quickly though I hold him to hold onto the piston as I had no use for it yet. Then the waiting began. Last weekend I get the email from Jeremy saying my suppressor has been approved. I had family in town or else I would've made the trip from Fuquay Varina to Lincolnton right after I left work lol. What sucked is that it didn't get approved a week earlier as I was in Charlotte for the Panthers game but such is the ATF. So this morning another forum member and I made the trip out to Jeremy's place to pick up the goods. Inside he had a few goodies laid out for us to mess around with for a bit and then he mentioned that we could try it out and asked if I had brought any hosts. Luckily I had my G19 w/ threaded barrel in the car so I was a bit excited. We fired off several rounds and then he brought out some other toys as well. First was the G17 w/ the Fab Defense chassis. That thing was a hoot to shoot with his Revolution 45 on it. After that he brought out his Uzi sub-gun w/ a suppressor and I started getting giddy like a little school girl. That was freaking awesome. I've had very very little experience with full-auto items so it was very new t
Bspitt - 10/03/2015
Jeremy at JK made the process of buying my 1st supressor very eazy! So ez I bought two using his trust template. I will be doing business with him again!
Dav89lkn - 09/19/2015
Jeremy is great at this. Very helpful and courteous throughout the entire process. Used him as my local dealer for SilencerShop Direct and it was easy. Great experience will definitely be using him as my local dealer for any future NFA purchases.
JeremyW - 09/18/2015
Jeremy Kupper has been extremely helpful during the process of buying my first supressor. Totally pain free. He will even let you try out different supressor on his demo guns so you get exactly what you're after! Will be using him in future transactions.
Mckenziedrums - 09/17/2015
Jeremy has been a huge help for myself and several friends when it comes to NFA purchases. Now with his free trust template it's even easier for first time suppressor buyers to get through the process. I've also used him for numerous firearms transfers as his transfer prices are very reasonable. You can't go wrong here.
draco88 - 09/17/2015
Jeremy is an excellent person to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the products and process. Hey was very patient with me as a noob to this world and answered every question I had thoroughly. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and would recommend him to both newbies and avid stamp collectors.
ryansmith - 01/04/2015
Jeremy is a nice helpful dealer who is great guy to deal with very quick to reply to quote requests or questions.
josh h - 01/03/2015
I'm waiting on my 2nd3rd and 4th cans from jeremy still as smooth as the first. Now if the atf would speed up we'd all be happier!
BigWaylon - 09/24/2014
Jeremy is very easy to work with. He has fair prices and quickly responds to questions. I would recommend his services for anybody that needs a suppressor or other Class 3 item. He can order most anything you need or receive a transfer from out of state for you. He is also an asset to the Carolina Shooters Club members. Jeremy is currently the closest Silencer Shop Direct dealer to Charlotte if you want to go that route.

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