Jackson Armory

Store Location

3416 Rosedale Ave
Dallas, TX 75205

Mailing Address

3416 Rosedale Ave
Dallas, TX 75205
T: 214-363-2767

1 Review for Jackson Armory

dandaltx - 01/26/2017
Best firearms store in the history of firearms. Seriously! There is not enough good that I can say about Jackson Armory, their staff, their collection, and their prices. Do yourself a favor and just go in, it's a small shop in Dallas but nothing can prepare you for what is inside. Things you might have only seen in a museum, or on TV are there in front of you. Rare items, old items, very very old items. It's not walls full of ARs and black guns, it's wood, it's machine guns back to vickers and maxim. It's a hands-on education from both knowledgeable and friendly staff. I've watched and eavesdropped on them talking to novices with the exact same friendliness and professionalism as when they are talking to a WWII vet who can help educate them a bit on some rare facet of a firearm's history. They always have made me feel welcome, they have helped to educate me, they have worked me some amazing deals, they have been so very patient with me as I've waited on that next machine gun to get out of the BATF's blackhole approval process. When they open the envelope that has your tax stamp in it, they immediately call to let you know. The store is the best, the staff is even better! Go visit with Randy, Doc, Kevin, the Judge - get to know them. They are some of the best people. I've bought from other Class III dealers and honestly there is no comparison between them and Jackson Armory.

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