Store Location

4075 W 4715 S

Mailing Address

2710 S 1900 W
OGDEN, UT 84401
T: 2083211288

3 Reviews for IMPACT GUNS

blackbeard - 12/15/2015
I haven't bought any nfa items from impact guns but did buy a remington 700 from them. What I paid for that rifle was about $100 cheaper than any other place I found locally or online. The employees that I spoke to seemed friendly and knowledgeable. The only downside was that it took a few weeks before it was shipped. All things considered I would definitely order from them again.
Nick-Daddy - 07/29/2015
Average prices excellent in stock selection and decent customer service.
Deja vu - 07/01/2014
Very helpful! I was doing a form 1 and one of there staff talked me through the entire process even though they made nothing off of the interaction! Its rare to find such helpful people. I have gone back a few times to buy ammo. When I do another Form 4 ill use Impact Guns. *edited* Wanted to add that I got a Mystic X through impact guns. They went through the paper work with me and then looked at it again when I got every thing signed off. Extremely friendly staff!*

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