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boosting1bar - 12/13/2014
Purchased numerous handguns rifles and NFA items from Going Quiet the past few years and have never had any issues with any part of the process. David is very knowledgeable about his products quick to offer advice and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his customers are satisfied. I've referred other customers there and they've had equally great experiences. His instructions for filling out the complicated ATF forms are simple and easy to follow if you possess an average IQ basic reading skills and speak English as one of your top three languages. The other great thing about Going Quiet is the extensive inventory on hand so you can actually see and feel the items before purchase. I can't recommend this dealer highly enough.
jmilo450r - 07/17/2014
He has just about everything in stock great prices too. The only issue I had was that I was confuse by his instruction sheet he gives you when you purchase anything that is class lll. I called and also emailed him and his response was not helpful at all. I had to go to someone for help cause he was not will to help me. Other then that everything was Great!! I would recommend him to anyone.
drollimj - 04/29/2014
I called ready to buy a Silencerco Sparrow and he was very rude. I immediately picked up the phone and ordered it from Silencer Shop. I can't say enough about how they were very helpful and friendly. I will never darken the door of Going Quiet.
dennisrl84 - 03/18/2014
David has many items in stock runs great sales and discounts for repeat customers. Is helpful with the paperwork and process and is EXTREMELY responsive to phone calls or email or internet requests. something MANY other gun shops are lacking. Iv'e bought several firearms and suppressors through him and will continue to.
a.lol.cat - 11/13/2013
The place to go to in Florida for NFA items and quality firearms. Just finished the transfer on a SDN-6 and started another for a Ti-Rant 45. One of the largest selections of in-stock ready to transfer silencers from the big name high quality brands Silencerco Gemtech Advanced Armament with all the different mounts and pistons. Is also a certified Glock and Sig Sauer Armor so if you want trigger/sights changed or upgraded he can do that work too.
mono - 11/13/2013
Fair prices easy to deal with. Extremely responsive and helpful via email. I plan to buy here again.
Top Nurse - 10/22/2013
I have bought one suppressor(Osprey 45) and a bunch of muzzle brakes for my SDN-6. He also sells pistols and has other interesting stuff like AR receivers and can get anything you could possibly want. Has more than enough silencers in stock for immediate sale. His prices tend to vary in keeping with market demand. Excellent service!

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