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MURRAY, UT 84107

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MURRAY, UT 84107
T: 8015621222

2 Reviews for GET SOME LLC

mjmyers2 - 10/20/2014
Great service selling me several weapons misc attachments & two suppressors... not much on the response since then. I've already let them know I'm a little miffed about lack of response post sale. I think it's just a factor of them being so busy. The sales staff seemed to defer the BATF filings for my suppressors to someone who was frequently out or had gone home early so I couldn't ever check. The only updates I got were when I either physically dropped back by the store or complained to one of the asst. managers. Service after the sale is a BIG thing for me particularly when recommending someone else... let alone my future purchases. Customers shouldn't be placed in a position to have to become the squeaky wheel to Get Some answers. Other than the lack of response on status of form filing and ordering some additional mounts/end caps... the staff are friendly and VERY knowledgeable and I was impressed that several people helped me throughout my shopping experience. I'm sure this was just a case of them being swamped from a rush of customers in front of them (every time I've been they've been nailed with customers). Heck I've actually thought about asking if they needed help on the weekend to cover the floor/range. One could do worse for a second job... :D
TheBoltman - 03/10/2014
I like Get Some and they are great to work with. Sometimes the sales guys will talk down a bit to customers they don't know and their prices are not always the best but they will match local competitors so make sure you look around. They guys there do know a ton so if you have questions don't hesitate to ask they'll teach you a lot if you have questions and are willing to listen. If you are interested in a suppressor I saved $250 getting it through Silencer Shop and having it transferred to Get Some however I'd now use the Silencer Shop Direct.

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