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EXETER, NE 683510000

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BOX 99
EXETER, NE 68351
T: 4023661596

9 Reviews for EXETER ARMS

rinjur - 08/26/2015
The owner is in jail. Tax evasion and from what I heard selling the same machine gun to multiple people. Business should be shut down by now.
bryanb124 - 04/26/2015
Avoid them like the plague. Both owners are now in jail. Dirt bags-R-us. These are the kind of folks who do not belong in the business.
sacorbi - 07/18/2014
Tried to buy from these guys and the service was terrible. Blamed it on a hard drive crash. Finally called me back two months later. Stay away from this dealer.
David Hineline - 02/20/2014
Just google Exeter Arms and felony arrest. They are not getting out of this one.
Target - 11/01/2013
I give Exeter Arms two stars only because unlike some other reviewers I did eventually did get my cans. That said I won't use them for any future NFA transfers or recommend them to anyone. My purchases were made using Rob's MadLibs trust template that he said he had used for literally 100s of transfers. I've heard he has since received a complaint from the Nebraska Barr Association for practicing law without a license and now is no longer providing that service. After waiting about five months I was checking nfatracker.com and noticed others who had submitted paperwork around the time I did had been receiving their stamps and cans. So I called the NFA branch at ATF to check the status of my forms and found they were held up in an error status because Rob didn't send in all of the pages of my trust. The NFA branch told me that notice had been sent to my FFL. Rob never called me about it and I had to fax the missing pages directly to my NFA examiner. The stamps were approved 5 days later. When I went to pick up my cans Rob had forgotten to order the two extra Osprey piston calibers I had paid him for 6 months earlier which meant I couldn't even use my can since I didn't have a threaded .45. After a couple calls Rob ended up mailing me a 9mm piston he found in his inventory about a week later and told me SilencerCo was out of stock of .40 pistons and they were back ordered. I called Kenny at SilencerCo the next day and was told they had plenty of .40 pistons in stock. I paid for another .40 piston and had this one in my hands a few days later. Two weeks later I contacted Rob asking the status of the .40 piston I had paid him for and he told me SilencerCo was still out of stock. I never received the .40 piston I paid Rob for and after numerous excuses from him I gave up contacting him trying to get it. So two things disappointed me in my personal experience dealing with Exeter Arms. First being my initial NFA experience it was a bit more DIY dealing with t
escotch - 10/30/2013
UPDATE they are now out of business. Both sentenced to jail for Tax Evasion etc. No more guns for them. TOTALLY saw this coming. Was repeatedly told that Silencerco Sakers were on the way he was getting the first 50 blablabla. Said Ok what do I do said just come out and fill out the paperwork. When? Anytime we are open. Drove the hour plus and he was walking out the door. Told them I needed to start paperwork on the Saker are they here yet? No but we have serial numbers Oh you're a trust? Rob has to do that. Took my info and said they'd send the paperwork. I called multiple times and I'm still waiting for that paperwork since January... Bumped into American Reaper Arms at a show. He had them in hand $180 cheaper and the paperwork was sent off within a week. I've had friends who just got their cans after a year (pre panic) while other dealers were in the 7-9 month range tops. And only after they call in to check or just show up and magically the stamp just showed up.
QuietlyExpressed - 10/22/2013
Will not do business with again.... went in to start my first transfer on a suppressor got everything setup with him for my stamp and suppressor asked if there was anything else i needed and i was told it was now a waiting game! So 8 months passed and i decided i would make a quick stop in to see where my wait time was.... well first off he had no record of my $1500 nor was there a serial number waiting to be transfered. Then started the mess pulling bank records and having to prove to him what he had done still relctant to pay me back the money he now wanted to charge me a restocking FEE!!!!!! This guy is a joke fraud crook.... will not do business with him again! And now a year later i have heard countless other horror stories from Exeter... Still havnt bought a suppressor but i now see there is a new guy down by LincolnNE that will be seeing my business!!!!
DirtyHandsRob - 10/21/2013
I have done a few transactions with him.. both NFA and non-NFA. his prices are a little high. he never did anything wrong and was never shady to me but ask him about his military service. ive heard so many stories about what hes done... and never the same story twice. update - his is no longer an NFA dealer after not paying state sales tax.
SilencerOpterator - 10/21/2013
I called them one year to the day from when I purchased my sound suppressor. The paperwork had come in a couple months prior to my call. That’s extremely irritating. Especially considering that they weren’t all that friendly when I periodically called them for updates. Plan on bringing extra money if you make the drive out there because all of their stuff is extremely overpriced. I will not do business there again. I made a comment about the long drive and the informed me that “they’re a destination.” I don’t think so.

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