Store Location

15433 FALLS RD
SPARKS, MD 211520000

Mailing Address

15433 FALLS RD
SPARKS, MD 211520000
T: 4107714398

4 Reviews for DUFFYS GUN ROOM

jbeck5312 - 03/06/2015
Bought a silencer from Vince and he handled all the paperwork promptly. Very smooth transaction.
reverend443 - 01/30/2015
Great shop. Vince John and Kevin do a great job. You can expect them to handle your Class III transfer with great professionalism and to make it as easy & painless as possible.
Sandman2008 - 02/09/2014
I just purchased a Silencer from them. I have been in a few times just to check things out pick so ammo etc. Vince and the rest of the guys are always very nice and not pushy. They get your business by being friendly. I gave them my NFA Trust on a thumb drive and left. They could not open it as it was formatted for a mac. They called me right up and just as friendly we worked everything out to get them a copy they could use. Already having my NFA Trust in hand made things easy. But doing the deal with them was easy. I got a good out the door (Or into the vault) price and best of all they E-File. The price they give you is the cost not extra transfer fees it is in the price they give you. I wish I would have purchased my last one through them. Im sure I will receive this one before I do the last one I purchased which was not E-filed. Also they always have a very good selection of NFA firearms and Silencers.
WiseOldMan53 - 10/13/2013
I've yet to buy anything NFA but when I do there's no doubt Duffy's will get my business. The people who work there are remarkable. During the last weeks in September before Maryland's new draconian gun laws went into effect I visited Duffy's a few times. The store was packed and there were lines of people waiting to get in but these guys remained a class act the whole time. Hell they even took the time to greet regulars as they came in the store laughing and joking with customers. The epitome of customer service.

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