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Lubriderm - 11/30/2016
I called every NFA dealer in WA looking for a 30 caliber suppressor during the last week of June 2016 because just like most of us i waited until the last minute to get something before 41F. Chip was referred to me by his brother that worked at a gun shop local to me and at first i was a little worried first off he just showed me his phone with the number on the screen "here is his number write it down he runs it out of his house". After hearing horror stories about shady NFA dealers i was hesitate to say the least. The 2nd this that thew me off was that when i did call his i said, "I am looking for a 30 caliber suppressor and i would like to know if you had any left?" Chip said "yep no problem i have a bunch, i have the Saker 7.62, Omega 30 and even the Hybrid how many do you want" i then asked "IN STOCK RIGHT, NO FORM 3" he said "oh ya come on in from 5p-7p tomorrow and come get one".....................Now i knew something was up because i just spent a week looking for ANY 30 caliber can all over WA and all i got was sorry no one has them you are too late.  So i drove 2.5 hrs up on 6-23-16 and sure enough he had a boat load of cans just waiting to be put in NFA jail. Chip was great and got me in and out the door within 10 min all said and done and knew the ins and outs of the way to get the form 4 filled out. He charged a fair price for my Omega 30, it was lower than most others (if they had them in stock). My form 4 was pending 7-7-16 and i hope to see it by February or March. I will always go to him and i send everyone else to him if they ask. Out of the 5 NFA items i have done before this one the 6th one with Chip was the essayist hands down. Keep up the good work Chip.   Pro tip: Have all your Trust documents ready and the check pre filled out for the ATF and all the 41F stuff ready when you go see him it will make life easier and you will have a better experience he is busy and doesn't have time to wait for you to get your sh!t together he had a line out his door when i was there.
xBabyJesus - 03/15/2016
Chip is very knowledgeable about various suppressors and made paperwork painless. He did have some attitude like another review described as doing me a favor but he kept it professional. His prices were just ok better than some local dealers but worst than most online dealers even with transfer fees. His transfer fees are high as well and he his unapologetic about it. I purchased here because he had things in stock otherwise I would look for better prices.
Colt223 - 11/06/2015
Chip has handled firearm and suppressor transfers for me. He has always acted as if he was doing me a huge favor. His fees are higher then other dealers. I would go else where to transfer a NFA item or firearm.
newcastle - 06/19/2014
10mmg - 05/31/2014
I had Chip handle a transfer from another dealer and then help me efile my nfa paperwork. His transfer fee is reasonable and he gave me some helpful hints on a ruger pistol that was giving me grief. Now that the sbr is a reality I will use and recommend Chip in the future. Can't wait for my Device to kick loose.
GBoF - 02/15/2014
Chip has a great operation. His prices are the best I've found. He works with you to find the best item for your needs. And his guidance/handling of the paperwork make an otherwise complicated process go quite smoothly.
maxxborist - 12/03/2013
Chip is awesome! I ordered my SWR Spectre II from him and the process was painless. I am saving up some money to order another through him! I wish the waiting process wasn't so long!
brianj - 10/23/2013
Chip is probably the best NFA dealer in western Washington. Great customer service to the point of helping with a trust if you want one. Excellent prices - buying two suppressor a I paid $70 more than buying from Silencer Shop which is less than what I would have paid in transfer fees elsewhere. Chip doesn't always respond to emails but he goes so far above and beyond in every other aspect that I can overlook a few missed responses.
DPH3 - 10/22/2013
Chip is the Man! I recommend him. Give him a call and schedule an appointment.

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