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HK91 - 09/27/2016
Satisfied customer. I recently purchased my third suppressor from American Reaper Arms Your Silencer HQ. My first suppressor was purchased in July 2012 when they were in Columbus NE. Now with the store a few miles east of Lincoln in Bennet I can stop in and look at the goodies on my lunch break. They keep an extensive stock in inventory at discount prices. I will be back.
erickb1990 - 07/07/2016
Purchased two cans from him one in February and one in March. Hands down the best prices anywhere and good communication from them. Even after my local dealer receiving the suppressors I cannot find another dealer even close on the price of the Ti can I purchased for my AR (next closest was over $200 more!). I'll definitely look them up for any suppressors I need in the future... Thumbs up!
minnesotamulisha - 02/19/2016
We celebrated our ten year anniversary in September. My wife went to Reaper Arms and had them complete a trust in order for me to purchase a can. On our anniversary date she gave me a certificate that Scott and the team at Reaper had printed out for her good for the can of my choice. (I knew nothing about any of this and they all kept it a secret) I went in there and although Scott wasn't in I spent probably close to two hours with John talking about the can I wanted. He was very thorough about asking about my intended uses wants and needs as well as explaining the differences between them. The service is second to none and when I purchase my next can firearm accessory or whatever Reaper will be my first stop.
Phreebyrd - 09/20/2015
Went in to buy a can that was on sale. They looked at my trust paperwork and said whoever I got it from must have copy/pasted it from the Internet and said they didn't think it would work. They tried to sell me a new trust for $250.00. I know the trust is fine because I have received 3 other cans and a SBR prior to this. I felt like they were just trying to get more money from me. I would have told them off and walked out the door but it was a good sale on the can I wanted. They filed the paper work and wouldn't you know it it got kicked back because they filled the form out wrong. I finally got my can and they didn't have any extra thread adapters in stock. Before I left I asked about buying a stripped upper. He said he had a few and walked to a display case and opened it. Just then someone he knew possibly a salesman walked in and they talked for 5 minutes totally ignoring me or showing me the stripped upper. I got my stuff and walked out. He didn't seem to care. I'm avoiding this place from now on.
bryanb124 - 04/26/2015
Outstanding service and support. Scott and his staff know how to take care of you whether you are new to SBRs and suppressors or an old hat.
mpaus - 07/30/2014
American Reaper is awesome. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Prices are excellent.
sacorbi - 07/18/2014
Bought two silencers and one pistol. Great people to work with excellent service. When I first started to look into NFA items these guys were the first to answer emails and give me the info I needed to get started. Check these guys out you'll be more than happy with the service.
1time - 03/18/2014
I bought two cans from them. The customer service was excellent and they wasted not time getting the form 3's out.
Eagle312 - 01/10/2014
What a great shop!!! Buy from them! I called Silencer Shop and they told me they have huge boxes of SilencerCo pistons and would be on the web site in the next day. Well I waited and they were sold out due to backorders. So after waiting for two months I was still to late. I called Scott at Reaper and he got me taken care of. Great doing business with you guys. Thanks for taking my money guys lol
StraightShooter - 12/19/2013
I have done business with Scott from Shelby Columbus and now Lincoln. 4 suppressors and 1 SBR later I am extremely pleased with my transactions with him. Just picked up a pistol and an M14 receiver from him this month. Great dealer and just wish I had more $$$ to spend with him.
escotch - 10/30/2013
Updated as I have gotten another can from him (Saker 762). Real easy. He also had a great price on the new HK VP9 so I snagged one. Have had 3 purchases with them. Got one of the first Sakers off the line. Sparrow and SBR are on the way. Efiled same day and double checked with the NFA office. also have gotten non nfa stuff as well. He has the best prices around on some of the best cans you can get. Class act all around. Updated 12-19-13: My first stamp came back on a Saturday. I wasn't going to make it back to his store from out of town by the time he closed but he stayed open for me and I got to take it home that same day.
David Hineline - 10/25/2013
Scott is easy to work with and honest. He has moved location and is no longer in Columbus NE American Reaper Arms is now open at 625 Madison St Bennet NE 68317
QuietlyExpressed - 10/22/2013
This family run business goes above and beyond what most dealers are doing in the area. He carries a large selection suppresors mounts guns and accesories to get you going on the right track. This means no waiting on a serial number to come in before you can submit your paperwork. Honest knowledgeable and family owned!!! This is a business i look forward to working with again.
DirtyHandsRob - 10/21/2013
Hands down probably the best Class 3 dealer in NE. i have done a few transfers with him and he's also answered all of my questions. he does E-Forms ex-military and always listens to his customers. Give him a call if you have any questions. Highly recommended and has great prices on everything.
Jaeger2600 - 10/20/2013
Scott is a great guy very honest and exceptionally knowledgeable about the industry. He is a dealer/manufacturer so he can make engrave and register an SBR or other NFA item for you for a fee allowing you to avoid the engraving rigmarole.He also keeps a sizable inventory occasionally does machine gun rentals and works a lot of gun shows allowing you to scope out his selection someplace convenient to your location if you aren't in the Bennet/Lincoln area.

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