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    So, here is a new one for me…
    I sent in a batch of lowers to be SBR’d; the serial numbers were sequential (160XXXX1 to 160XXXX9). When I would call to track, I would just mention the first and last 2 (xxxx1, xxxx2, xxxx8, xxxx9) as I assumed they would all be approved about the same time (and you are limited on how many you can call on at any one time).
    So, I get the stamps back…and all are corrrect; except one of the stamps has the serial number 100xxxx4 vs 160xxxx4) that it should be.
    These are all for a Firearms Trust.
    The ATF said it must have been a data entry error, which I believe, and said to submit a letter detailing the error (since the stamps have already been issued).
    Does anyone know exactly what this letter should state? Can I engrave and construct the SBRs after I send the letter OR do you have to get the approved letter back? For my trust Appendix, I assume I must use the correct “160” serial number. The AFT was helpful about the error, but didn’t / wouldn’t provide guidance on the details. Thanks in advance

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