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    RS 2007 Halloween 2019 Easy & Quick Guide

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    It’s time for the annual Halloween event! Until Nov. 7th, participate in OSRS Halloween event 2019 and help epic mager34 who has been trapped by two goblins wearing bedsheets, and obtain some new Halloween rewards!

    Quick guide for OSRS Halloween 2019

    1. To start OSRS 2019 Halloween event, talk to either Snailneck or Grasslegs by the chicken pen in Lumbridge. Then speak to epic mager34.
    2. Talk to Bob in the axe shop and ask him about Halloween.
    3. Return to epic mager34. Then talk to the goblins.
    4. Find the bed in the building north of the shop, and take some white bed sheets by interacting with the bed. You can create the spooky outfit by using the knife on the sheet.
    5. Return to epic mager34. Speak to the goblins once you have completed the dialogue, and answer three questions:
    -What is the most powerful body armour in this world? (Goblin mail)
    -Let’s say 2 goblins have different opinion of something. What is the best way to solve problem? (Fight about it.)
    -What do you say when human kill your friends and family? (Put them in prison.)
    6. Grab some smoke powder from the sack outside the building with the furnace. Ignite the powder and steal the shiny glass when smoke covers the store. Then go back to goblins.
    7. You and epic mage34 proceed to cast Lumbridge Home Teleport, and at Lumbridge he will ask you for some advice. OSRS Halloween event 2019 complete!

    Rewards from OSRS Halloween event 2019

    You will get the following rewards after completing the Halloween event this year:
    Spooky outfit
    Pumpkin lantern
    Skeleton lantern
    Two noted pumpkins
    Two noted Halloween mask sets
    Besides, rewards from previous events can be claimed from Diango, such as the clown outfit, Jonas mask, etc. You can also have the ability to change your skin colour to blue, white, black or green at OSRS makeover mage. Learn more from RSorder.

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