What were the guns used in the movie "Heat"?

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    This mostly centers around the bank heist, naturally. Kilmer and Deniro were both carrying US carbines, but what model? The guy called “Slick” had a Romanian assault rifle, but it didn’t look like a classic AK-47. The black cop used a Benelli pump action, reminds me of the kind patrol cops pack in the back of their vehicles. I didn’t recognize Pacino’s rifle. Also, what was the sidearm that Deniro used throughout the movie?
    Going off on a tangent: I understand why those two idiots in real life decided to pop off a Los Angeles Bank after watching the movie “Heat”. You’d have to have nothing to lose to want to re-enact that crazy ass scene, but damn, what a way to go! The real life shootout was pretty dissapointing IMO. Two numbskulls in full kevlar suits took the LAPD over two hours to takedown. Plus they had to knockoff a local gun dealership to get some ammo and better weapons. What a bunch of amateurs. What were the guys wearing exactly? I think they actually had kevlar helmets and boots. I didn’t know there were such things. I heard both guys between the two of them received dozens of rounds to the body, but since most of them were hippy-sized 9mm rounds fired off from a distance, they bounced off the kevlar or were easily absorbed. WTF?!?! I thought standard issue was a .40? I know the caliber depends on county, but this is Orange County. What were these officers thinking?

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