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    Does anyone know the Agent for West Virginia. Her first name is Kate I know cause she called me to inform me there was a hold up on the approval and that she was pushing it through. That was 2 months ago. I call ATF, they tell me nothing and refuse to forward me to just Kate, they said they need a full name. Thanks

    (1) Silencer Co Sparrow, (2) Omega-300 Cans

    All three were submitted on the same day 12/06/2016, all three approved at dealer on 3/15/2017. One of the Omegas was approved on 10/20/2017 and I received the stamp on 12/06/2017. The other two have been held up since that time…. stating they lost the finger print cards. Called and found out Kate was the approver of the first can, she actually contacted me to tell me she found the other finger print cards and was pushing them through, this was on 2/9/2018, since then I have heard nothing and get nowhere when I call on them other than the two remaining cans are still pending??? Thanks

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