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    During a recent deployment to Afghanistan (December 2015 – September 2016) I submitted a total of 3 Form 4 Trust through Silencer Shop for a Rugged Obsidian, Surge, and a Radical RF22. I also submitted a Form 1 Efile for an SBR. I called last week to check the status of the 3 Form 4 and was told that the Surge went pending on 27JUN and the Radical on 22JUL. They still have no record of the Obsidian even though the check was cashed and I verified all the paperwork that was sent in from Silencer Shop.

    Rugged Surge Submitted 16JUN16 Pending 27JUN16
    Radical Firearms RF22 Submitted 7JUL16 Pending 22JUL16
    Rugged Obsidian Submitted 4JUL16 Cashed 12JUL16 Pending ?????

    My father is on the Trust. My state of record is Texas, but I currently live in Colorado. I just found out I will be moving to Korea around the April-May time frame. My plan is to leave all of my firearms/etc with my father in Texas. All 3 Form 3s have already been disposed and the suppressors are already here in Colorado. If (more likely when) these transfers don’t complete before my move in April am I hosed? Will my father have to travel from Texas to Colorado to pick them up, and then submit the address change to the ATF to Texas?

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    Complex issues best taken up with your dealer and the ATF/NFA. A forum of opinions is not the best place to get your legal/regulatory advice.

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