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    Ron Riley
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    Out of curiosity I was trying to find out how many legal, transferable machineguns there are. I came across the following info:

    Pre 86 (transferables): 175,977
    Sales Samples (pre May keepers): 17,020
    Restricted 922(o) (posties): 297,667

    I know what Pre 86 means, I think I know what the sales samples are, but I haven’t a clue what the 922(o) category is. I searched “922(o)” but didn’t find anything that definitively explained it. Can anyone explain this or point me to an explanation?

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    It is a post sample that requires a “law letter”. Very specific type of requirement.

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    A machine gun manufactured after may 1986 and is non transferable for private ownership. law enforcement or military use only.
    Pre may samples/keepers may be kept by dealers after they’re no longer a dealer. but not transferable to non dealers.

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