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    I called ATF this morning for an updated status of my Form 4-Trust for a suppressor (Sig Sauer SRD762QD). I ordered from directly from the manufacturer (via dealer) on 05/24/16. It was received at the dealer on 07/05/16, and I sent the Form 4 on 07/06/16. Per ATF, the “pending date” and “check cashed date” are one-in-the-same; your pending date is the date your payment was processed by ATF. My pending date is 07/11/16. (Surprised by the fairly quick turnaround.) However, still pending…

    So, where I’m going with this. The message still says “8 months” but that time has come and gone. The first lady was very unhelpful, borderline rude, so I called back. The second lady I spoke with was much more helpful than the first. She told me they are actually taking greater than 9 months (we all knew that already), but gave me a control number. She said it is easier and more accurate to track by control number than pending date. My control number starts with 2017, not 2016. She said that isn’t a big deal, its just when the information was entered into their system and my pending date remains.

    Is there a means to start tracking control numbers? Can we add the first 7 or 8 digits of the control number to the tracking spreadsheets?

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