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      I’ve been waiting a lot longer than the purchases I’ve made over the past three years. I have always filed paper applications for Form 4 Trust. Never have I had to wait longer than eight months for my approvals.

      Now, I do realize this is probably on the better end than what others seem to experience, however I can’t help bu notice this parabolic run-up on the approval times starting as soon as Biden got into office?

      What’s going on??

      Form 4 Paper Approval Times

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      The current administration has made it clear that since they can’t get legislation passed, they will try to infringe on our rights in any way they can. As POTUS is the head of the executive branch, I would not rule it out that ATF has been told to slow walk approvals or “reallocate resources” for other needs.
      I’m sure there’s also larger than normal demand that’s playing into it.

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