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    I’m going to share a little experience I had w/ one of my local dealers.

    On March 25th, I started the process on another suppresser. At first, we tried using the dealers own electronic filing system. 4 hours later, we ended up scraping the whole thing and just going w/ form 4 paper, file. The nice thing is, my gun-trust lawyer was at the same place and was able to show the staff how to fill out the forms. Their knowledge on the process was lacking…
    Mid May come around, and the forms came back from the ATF citing corrections needed. The payment info was not sent to the ATF. The store manager tried blaming it on the lawyer that filled out the forms. I asked to look at what the ATF sent back. The error was in no way caused by the lawyer. In fact, the store had sent CLEO paperwork to the ATF, and ATF paperwork. I assume went to CLEO office. I had fun calling them out on their mistake and told them it was shitty to put blame on the guy who was helping everyone out. Mistakes are fine, but own them!
    So, May 29th we send the paperwork back out. A few weeks go by and no charge on the bank account so I contact the ATF… no record of that form 4 being received. I go to the dealer and the store manager assures me he delivered the forms to the post office for priority shipping, and they also received the confirmation from the post office that the package was delivered.
    I check back every few weeks and no luck.
    End of August comes around, I go back to the dealer and push again. They “changed” the person who takes care of NFA stuff from the store manager to another employee. I’m assured again by the store manager that the forms were sent to and received by the ATF(same manager I’ve dealt w/ this whole adventure). The new guy going over the NFA paperwork for everyone runs to the back and look in the stack of forms… He returns w a priority mail envelope. Guess what he has, MY form 4. Three months they sat on this thing. At this point the store manager disappeared.
    The new guy is given one last chance, and he sends everything off to the ATF. Account charged less than 10 days later. Success! I get to finally start the wait I should have started back in March.
    This business is also a gun range, so… conjugal visit ftw. Otherwise, I’d have gotten a refund months ago. Plus, they took 30% off the price of the can, then the owner took another $100 off that in March when this whole ordeal started. Not to mention lots of free rentals and such when I go to the range.

    … so yeah.

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    Oh man. That’s painful. I mean REALLY PAINFUL. I would have flipped out completely. In fact, I would ha enlikely had them reported to the ATF licensing office. That is insane!!!

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    Yeah, I’m pissed. But, I do feel people should have a chance to get their shit together. Since this business hasn’t been open very long, and this was one of their first NFA sales… I gave them a shot.

    If I couldn’t go and shoot the can whenever I want, I’d have gotten a refund. But, this will be the only “big purchase” I make w/ them. Ammo is about all they will ever sell me. Some people are just not meant to do business w/ certain establishments.

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