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    New to the community here and to eFile system so I am hoping someone may be able to share some insight. On June 21, 2016, I submitted two F1s via the eFile system through my trust to create a pair of SBRs. I pretty much did identical submissions, obviously changing the needed info. Honestly, I did not continuously check on the status, other than a couple of times, as I had just resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be quite a while before I heard anything. On 2.14, I received an email saying the first one had been approved. Obviously good news. I figured the other couldn’t be far behind. Later that night, I received another email saying the status of my second submission had changed to “Submitted/In Process.” Now, again, I only checked on these two submissions a couple of times since June but I could have sworn that both had been in the status of “Submitted/In Process” basically since I submitted them. As in, this “update” was not an update at all and I feel like the status hadn’t changed. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Maybe I’m crazy and this was sitting in some other type of status prior to this update? Just curious if anyone else has had this happen. Thanks!

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