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    Dean Miller
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    Hi folks,

    I submitted my F4 Trust via Silencer Shop Kiosk on the June 9, 2018.
    A request to update my Trust was received June 11, 2018 and submitted on June 12, 2018
    I received notice from Silencer Shop that my F4 Trust was received by ATF and the check cashed on July 9th, 2018.

    Is the process moving faster?

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    Is that fast? Not trying to be an a$$. I submitted my paperwork with SS barcode but via snail mail. I sent on 13 Feb 18 and check cashed 21 Feb 18. Granted it took me a day to ensure all documents correct before mailing but that seems fast to me. I guess I just fell into the correct slot for checks that week. Now I’ll be punished with a longer than normal wait for approval.

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    i hear ya brother. its funny, I purchased on 3/20/18 from SS and ATF cash date exactly 30 days later on 4/20/18. honestly though, I’ve talked to a few local dealers, and doing it the old fashion way its taking them 2-3 weeks anyhow to fully get squared away (form3 approval, etc)


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    You just have to keep on top of silencer shop with turning them in. When I turned my form 4 in through silencer shop I was excited because this is my first suppressor and I wanted to just forget about it because of the long wait ahead. My little voice kept telling me to call SS and make sure everything got turned in but I shrugged it off and kept on trying to forget about it. After a month I broke down and called SS. It turns out I should of listened because they had lost my paperwork. After that it took 2 weeks for them to mail it out and about 7 days for atf to have it pending. I know shit happens but what made me mad about it, is that I made sure I had my funds and paperwork squared away and turned in before Black Friday. Silencershop was literally giving suppressors away on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I wanted to get mine in before the huge surge of form 4s get turned in but mine didn’t get turned in till 2 weeks after.

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    Dean Miller
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    This is the first paragraph from the email I received from SS;

    Greetings from Silencer Shop! Just a quick note letting you know that your application was received by the ATF and the check was cashed on 7/9/2018 for order xxxxxx

    So unless they are inept ATF received the paperwork.


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