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    Ok I know that based on the picture of the truck bed full of submissions that SS submitted a ton to the ATF right at the deadline. Just wondering g if anyone in this group had heard anything yet as far as approvals. The form 3 cleared for me in late December and cans are at dealer and the Form 4 shows submitted in July so we have got to be getting close.

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    Purchase date: 05-19-2016 from Silencershop in Austin, TX.
    Store submitted Form 4 date: 07-04-2016
    Check cashed by ATF date: 07-12-2016
    Purchased as a Form 4 trust.
    Form 3 disposed date: 12-01-2016 (tracking number where it was shipped was immediately invalid and SS won’t give me an updated location of the item or tracking number).
    Today’s date: 04-24-2017

    Called mid last month (mid March 2017) and told by someone at ATF that they were just starting June approvals and I should hear something within the month.

    Called this morning (04-24-2017) and was told that they are still working on June approvals and a few of the examiners had just started the first couple of days of July…so I should hear something within the month.

    Sounds exciting, but…they just won’t say “which month”.

    It’s got to be getting close.

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    I bought mine from them 1st of July but I pretty much have the same exact dates as you for check cashed, form 3 approval etc.excrot my tracking number worked and I know the shop got the two I ordered. This at least gives a little idea what we’re looking at if they’re in June now as July was the tidal wave.

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    I have a July 7th date for that one, but at least I won’t have to sit on an approved stamp for 6 months this time being posted out of state.

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    Purchased 2 from SS 7/6/16
    Both submitted 7/12/16
    Both Check cashed/ pending 7/22/16
    Form 3 approved 10/25/16

    Still nothing called about mid March still pending told they were still working on mid June at that time. The lady said they are looking at 9.5-10 month wait even though the automated recording says 8 months.

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