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    I wanted to start a topic so that I could share my own personal experience with SS. Being as they deleted my review from their website and all. I just want to be clear that its my own experience and I am not suggesting that this will be everyone’s. However it is interesting enough that I think it should be known. Let me start by saying that this is my first NFA item and that SS did help in the process and I imagine that the initial paper work was made easier by using the SS service. My purchase was the Griffin Armament Alpha now being called the Paladin. The purchase was made 11/8/2016.Form 4 according to the initial contact from SS was submitted 12/28/16.Its important to understand at this point that I received notification from SS that they had filed a form 4 on my behalf on this date 12/28/2016. Its important because on 11/29/2017 I called the NFA branch and was informed they did not receive it until April 2017. Let that sink in for a minute. I contacted SS to get some clarification being that this is my first NFA item I was thinking maybe I am missing something or maybe I jut don’t understand the process. Here’s were things go side ways. I am contacted via email by a gentlemen from SS Mark D. he says that yes in fact my form 4 was submitted 12/28/2016 he can see that they sent me a notification to inform me of that and I quote he ” has no insight into what occurred during that gap in time- Im SORRY.” Those were Mark D’s words. Admittedly out of frustration I told him I would no longer purchase anything from SS. That would have been the end of it however no more then twenty minutes later another gentlemen from SS contacted me via email named Michael M. Mike we will call him says that it is in fact not their fault , the ATF delayed my form 3 and that they did not have a reason for that delay but that my form 4 was NOT submitted until April 2017 as soon as the form 3 was submitted. Now I’ll go back….SS sent me a notification in December 2016 stating the form 4 had been filed on my behalf and my account with SS reflected that 12/28/2016 date as well. Additionally Mark D confirmed that 12/28/2016 submission for the form 4. NOW and only now Mike wants to tell me that because of the ATF it was delayed until April. I have my own suspicions as to what happened and I believe its more related to SS shipping cost but that is speculation on my part. So what I will say is this, For certain SS did NOT give me accurate information with regards to when they actually submitted my form 4 and to this day I still don’t know. All I know is that the ATF didn’t receive it until April 2017 and SS said they submitted it in December 2016 multiple times only to later change that date. If you are purchasing a NFA item with SS and you think its going to be simple and efficient, it might be. If you think you can rely on them to give you accurate information well, based on my experience I’d say probably not. I do value the simplicity of the Kiosk and the service of helping to prepare the paperwork but that’s were my appreciation of SS stops. SS has deleted every review I have written so far so I thought maybe I could help temper some peoples expectations when dealing with SS. I had high hopes for my experience with them and was disappointed. I am sure not everyone will share this experience but I’d like to hear if anyone else has experienced this kind of thing with SS.

    • This topic was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by  A Frashure.
    • This topic was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by  A Frashure.

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