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    Hey guys just wondering what y’all think the chance of the SHARE act passing are?? And how soon it may get voted on?? Thanks again for having me!

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    SHARE is a pipe dream. They can’t even get enough votes to fix healthcare, the repubs aren’t going to destroy their remaining political capital trying to get silencers off the NFA. I would love to see it pass, and I’d be delighted to eat crow if it does, but I think it’s pure fantasy.

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    Christopher Ray
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    I don’t know that it is a pipe dream but you are right, it will be a fight to get it to pass. I disagree that it is wasted political capital, the Republicans do need to do something to keep their base energetically voting for them next cycle. I think the SHARE Act would be a nice thing to get through and their effort won’t be in vain.

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    I think they have too much to lose. One nut going off with a suppressor and there goes all their goodwill. It would give the Dems or whoever enough firepower to take them down next round. The gun folks will vote for them no matter what. So I think it’s too little to gain for them to put much effort into it.

    Yes, I’d like to be wrong. But the reality is they already have the votes of the NFA crowd locked and can’t risk giving the opposition anything to go on.

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    any idea when it will go up for voting? I’ve seen “possible this week”

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