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    Back under the old website, I wrote a simple Java application that would parse the data from the .csv and process it. One of the more useful things I was able to do was to create a record for each listed reviewer, the date of their first stamp approval, and the date of their most recent stamp approval. Essentially, the period of time that each reviewer has been operating.

    By putting this data into a Gantt chart, I was able to see how many reviewers there were at any given time and when new reviewers were being hired (approximately). It’s not the most useful information, but it helps to add context to changes in wait times and lets us know if the ATF is at least attempting to reduce wait times.

    Would it be possible for you to implement something of this nature into the website? You’ve completely changed the .csv output format and I’m too lazy to rewrite my program to parse it 🙂

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