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    Good afternoon NFA community. I have just come to the end of my (excruciating) year long wait to get my Liberty Mystic-X suppressor. Upon calling my FFL dealer yesterday, he informed me that he had already received my stamp. He then told me that the shop was recently shut down and sold to a new owner (himself). Since that happened, the new owner had to apply for new FFLs and SOTs before he can legally release NFA items. I was told that he had sent the paperwork late last week, and had requested that his paperwork be expedited, given that he has numerous NFA applicants waiting to pick up their approved NFA items. Does anyone out there have any idea how long this can take to approve. I realize this question is a shot in the dark, but im really at my wits end on the whole waiting game. Especially when im waiting on someone elses paperwork that should have been filed long before he took possession of the shop, imho. Anyways, any feedback would grant me some kind of solace while im anxiously chewing the nubs that used to be my fingernails. Thanks in advance!

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