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      I am getting ready to apply and would like to know if it is quicker for me to apply as an individual or through my trust?

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      I’m guessing anything TRUST related is a year wait time right now. Though the times are dropping.

      If you look at the graph, they speak for themselves.

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      Individuals are moving faster than trusts. But not as fast as they were. W/ the ATF moving more staff over to get trusts caught up the times have come down. 9-12 months.. ish

      Look at the times people are posting in the Trust and Individual forums. Don’t rely on the Tracker alone. If people forget or just don’t want to update it, then it will show incorrect info.

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      Everything is slowing down, due to holidays, increased sales in the firearms industry slowing the fbi/nics, and the atf/nfa is no longer working sundays and has cut overtime. I am still seeing a lot of late 2016 trust approvals coming in. The nfa branch is still quoting 9 months. Individuals are all over the place too, I read daily about January or march individual f4’s still not back but I have a mid june back. F3’s are going less than a day for some yet I’m 4 weeks in on one and nada. I still have one outstanding july f4 too. I Individual everything, but my wife has no interest at all and I have a will with instructions to sell it all and divide the money, so no need for a trust. I really miss the sub 60 day times.

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      Good afternoon all, here are the times on my first post-41F weapon transfer on a three person trust:

      Submitted to ATF – 11/4/2016
      Card charged – 1/12/2017
      Approved – 12/2/2017
      Received – 12/8/2017


Viewing 4 reply threads
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