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    So, as a father, a 24 year licensed peace officer, and a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment I have a question of the group. What would YOU like to see about protecting our kid in school while keeping our 2nd Amendment inviolate? I am going to give you my answer. But I would like yours. And please do not just say « nothing » or there’s nothing we can ever do »
    Here’s my plan: We need to take a two-stage approach to this.
    1. Install federal airport full-body scanners with explosives residue sniffers and chemical detectors at EVERY SCHOOL IN AMERICA, both private or public. 100% no exceptions. ALL SCHOOLS. This is part one. Make sure all are installed and only one way in and one way out. Pass a federal law that the school is to be legally treated in the same status as the secured are of an airport.

    2. Create the « Department of Education Federal Police and have at a minimum of ten (10) officers stationed AT EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL IN AMERICA. Have these officers work a rotating schedule but at least three federal police officers must be present at all schools at all times. NOTE: must be federal so that no state may pass a law against this action.

    No, none of the above will be cheap. Will cost tens of BILLIONS per year. But…we get to keep our guns and schools will be 100% safe.

    Problems solved!!!!!!!

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