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      In the wake of the VA shooting, The president said he doesn’t like silencers, Sucks I just had my check cashed 2 weeks ago.

      Wondering how a “Ban” would work?
      grandfathered in due to already paid tax stamp?
      very nervous after spending all this money to potentially not get anything.

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      I would really like to say don’t worry, it won’t happen that fast… but we know after bumpstocks that executive action is possible.
      In my personal opinion, I think if anything were to happen it could be similar to machine gun regulations.
      We all would love for mg’s, suppressors, sbr’s, and sbs’s to be fair game and repeal the NFA.. so a ban is very disheartening to think about. One thing is for sure, it’s a good idea to have them, and have many.
      I’m looking to get 2 more cans if they go on sale in the next couple months.

      Spread the good word and educate your family/friends/neighbors/peers, anyone who will listen. Teach them the truth and respect for firearms and accessories. That’s the best defense in my eyes to change the conversation from the brainwashing generic trash that is pumped through social media and news networks about how everyone should be fearful of them.

      Look at europe – extremely strict gun laws – suppressors are fair game.

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