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    Hi all,

    How accurate is NFA tracker? It doesn’t seem to be updated too often by the looks of the scatter chart.
    I have a few in jail on a trust right now and haven’t heard much along the lines of trust approvals. I don’t know if it is because of fewer trusts or if they are just taking their time.According to the charts there some from October and November are trickling in but haven’t heard much about it in this sub.

    Please help.

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    The tracker on the front page, I don’t think is accurate at all. It’s based off information volunteered by people, nothing official (I don’t believe). It seems turnaround has quickened greatly since the first of the year. I purchased last October and payment verified mid-November…seller got form back to enter a missed s/n on copy page and I had to fill responsible person form out. At time of purchase, atf was telling merchants to have rp’s to affix photo to blank sheet of paper and put all personal info on with it. I guess they have an official form now…good news is forms being overnighted today and hopefully i’ll have stamp w/in 2 weeks. Hope this helps. SP

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    NFA item logic- after my purchase and reading all the information available and observations.
    1. The NFA, most Class 3 dealers, and retail shops are not highly concerned about tax stamp turnover times. They have your money, item, and extra hassle of paperwork.
    2. If any company wanted to give us accurate times? Silencer Shop having one time digital kiosks could easily report a lot of the dates.
    3. There is a lot of human error and laziness, except when it comes to taking your money. Sending, receiving, and notifying customers adds 25% of the wait.
    4. There are some mysteriously long wait times. These could have explanation from- legal mistakes people have made, hits on address, hits on similar names, or anything that pops up in the BCG. If a criminal has a similar name, previously lived at your address, or you made a mistake that got expunged from your record it shows up with the FBI. It could take some time for them to confirm you are not that/a criminal or the criminal does not reside at the address anymore.
    5. Shops are class 3 because customers want it but like a lot of business their bulk of revenue comes from new and used gun sales plus associated items.

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