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    2018 will be the year I plunge head first into NFA items on my wish list. First filing of a Form 1 for an 8.5″ 300 BLK AR15 SBR will be tommorrow after getting fingerprinted and dropping off the CLEO copy at the local Sheriff’s office. I’ve done my homework here and other sites on all things NFA and have checked my form to ensure I hopefully have an error free submital.

    Planned are 3 more submitions, (1 a month) 1 more Form 1 for an 8″ 9mm AR SBR and if all goes well, I’ll get with my local Class III dealer and acquire (Form 4) suppressors for these 2 SBRs. Seems they’ve caught up with the 41F rush and wait times for Form 1 individual filings as of late have been under 6months. I’ll keep ya’ll informed and the tracker updated best I can. Wish me luck!!!

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