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    How can you buy the 11.5″? Isn’t that an NFA item? And you can’t just go and buy an NFA items without paperwork beforehand…right?Which led me to question AR Pistols. Aren’t those SBRs? Now, I understand that there are some goofy ways in which a pistol can become a rifle, but not back to pistol (or something goofy like that). I’m just looking for some clarification…

    Please help

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    Just like a suppressor, when you buy a rifle with an 11.5″ barrel, it goes into NFA jail and you need to wait for your tax stamp to com in to pick it up.

    AR pistols are not SBRs, by law, because they do not have a stock. ATF’s definition of a stock is pretty specific, which is why you can get away with arm braces, cheek welds, and the like.

    AR pistols can become SBRs by engraving the required information on the firearm, submitting your paperwork, getting your stamp, and finally adding a stock. Once it has become an SBR, though, it can no longer be a pistol again in its lifetime.

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    And do not forget, there is length requirments involved as well. Under a certain length and it is a pistol, over it is a SBR. And on a AR, the length of the buffer tube is calculated into the length of the whole thing. Where as the addition of a brace onto other pistols, like the CZ Scorpion, is not added to the length of the firearm.

    A pistol can have a brace, but not a stock.

    mrgunsngear on youtube just posted a cool video about how some of that has changed, I just watched it, I will see if I can find it.

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