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    Went to Brothers in Arms today in central texas to finish up the processing Form 4 individual for a Thunder Beast CB7…
    Silencer Shop is now bar coding the whole process i was told…the form 4 will be barcoded…your photo will be bar coded..and your prints will be barcoded….everything will be sent electronically on one barcode to ATF and ATF can scan that barcode to their system…AND..send your prints electronically to FBI for processing….sounds good…used such a system when I was on the job at NYPD…it should really speed up things….we’ll see….of course now you are forever in the govt systems and you can’t hide anywhere on earth……

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    Thing is, you have to still wait. It is not letting you jump the line, you just move faster when you get there, in theory…

    and from what I have read it is saving typing errors on their side which apparently is a common issue… but thats about it.

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      Correct. There won’t be an INSTANT impact, but they get all of the old forms out of the system they SHOULD be able to keep times much lower regardless of volume.

      With the way things have been, anything that positively impacts wait times is a good thing.

      Also something to consider is that Silencer Shop mentioned that ATF anticipates wrapping up old forms by the end of this year as they anticipate wait times to be down to 90 days by the end of the year. Whether that comes to be or not I don’t know, but hey, I like to be optimistic occasionally.

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