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    Silencer Shop Authority: YHM 9mm Sidewinder Review

    Earlier this year, I published a popular article titled 2015: The Year of the Suppressor. In that piece, I endeavored to feature all new suppressors from major manufacturers that would be released in 2015. Unfortunately, my “complete” list was not quite as comprehensive as I initially believed and several manufacturers released silencers in 2015 that were not featured in my preview.

    One such suppressor was Yankee Hill Machine’s 9mm Sidewinder. Known for making quality suppressors at highly competitive prices, YHM is a company that impressed me with their Stinger .22 LR suppressor a few months ago. At the same time, it is reasonably well known that YHM’s Cobra pistol suppressors were largely passed up in overall performance almost five years ago by more modern designs. Despite the Cobra’s reputation, my past YHM experience and my regret for ignoring the Sidewinder last January left me pretty excited when the guys at Silencer Shop offered some time with YHM’s new 9mm can. With the silencer in hand, it did not take long to realize that I was dealing with a wholly different snake. READ MORE.

    + Excellent tone makes the Sidewinder sound quieter than meter testing
    + Light for its size
    +/- Aluminum core limits cleaning options, but keeps can light
    – Limited mounting options
    – Short threads

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