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    Silencer Shop Authority: YHM .22 Stinger Review

    Over the past five years, few areas of the firearms market have grown as quickly as suppressor ownership in the United States. Previously considered a daunting task and legal maze, acquiring NFA regulated items has become almost mainstream as growing numbers of shooters turn to the Internet for information on the process and guides to legal suppressor ownership. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the most affordable and best performing silencers are .22 caliber models and these are often the “gateway drug” for suppressor novices looking for the best (or in this case worst) bang for the buck.

    Since rimfire silencers are so popular, I wanted to take a step away from some of the well known options to examine a few alternatives that might appeal to shooters with specific requirements or budgets. After some back and forth with my friends at Silencer Shop, I opted to bring in the Gemtech GM-22 and YHM Stinger for further review.

    Today, we will check out the Stinger. Intended to replace YHM’s aging Mite, the Stinger is an aluminum and stainless steel suppressor that is rated for calibers up to 5.7x28mm. While the Mite was maligned for its comparatively poor performance, YHM has set out to right the ship with the Stinger. With plenty of question marks surrounding the can, I know some are interested to see how it compares to established market leaders. READ MORE.

    + Great performer, much better than the Mite
    + Durable, full-auto rated (.22 LR), semi-auto up to 5.7x28mm
    + Shielded baffles are easy to remove for cleaning
    + Great price

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